Disclosure Policy

The content here on my blog, social media, and YouTube channel are all things, products, and experiences that I find to be Fly, Fierce, and Fab. It's really important to me to share my honest opinion with you guys, and I choose to only work with companies and brands that fit my aesthetic and vibe for Fly Fierce Fab. 

If and when I write paid and / or sponsored (paid or unpaid) blog posts, and if contextual affiliate links are used here on Fly Fierce Fab, that will be noted with an italicized disclosure within that blog post. If I receive an item or product to review or share here on Fly Fierce Fab, and am not being paid for that post it will be disclosed on the blog post (that it is included in). The item and products will also be credited as "c/o" (care of) the brand or company. Such posts will only appear here on Fly Fierce Fab, if I feel like it's a good fit for my blogs aesthetic and that the information provided is of value to my readers

If and when affiliate links are included in a blog post, that will be disclosed as well. Affiliate links mean that I might make a commission, if somebody links on my affiliate link and makes a purchase from an affiliate site.

Being compensated will never alter my thoughts and opinions, about whatever it is that I'm sharing with you guys. My loyalty is to my readers and followers that rock with me, so I will always be sure to give you my honest thoughts and present you with content that's Fly Fierce and Fab.