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T  H E R E S A  S E Y I 

Hey Sis!

 My name is Theresa Seyi, and I'm the brains and beauty behind Fly Fierce Fab. I'm a twenty-something content creator from New England, out here trying to live my best life and look good doing it.

If I had to describe myself in a few words, I would choose: Blessed, Black, Bougie, and on a Budget.

I'm a college grad, with 3 bachelor's degrees in Biology, Music, and Theatre. I'm navigating the next phase of my life, and working towards a building career in scientific research. I've always been into fashion (I dabbled in modeling, and did a few pageants back in the day), and I got serious about learning how to do makeup after getting tired of getting played at the makeup counter. I was determined to learn how to be my own glam squad, so I could snatch myself together at my leisure. Learning how to do things myself also helps me stretch my budget farther. After anemia snatched my edges, I became a wig connoisseur and loved the versatility it offered me. Thankfully my hair is bouncing back, and now I've learned how to switch up my look using wigs as a protective style.

F L Y   F I E R C E   F A B 

I originally started my blog as my creative outlet as a teenager, and Fly Fierce Fab has grown with me to become the hub for the bougie on a budget. If you love style, beauty, and learning tricks to help you slay on a budget I'm your girl!

Consider me your personal style and beauty plug.

I love to share OOTD's, the best deals, makeup looks, and wig reviews. I also post the devotionals that I write and share every other Sunday on WBRU here as well.

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If you're a brand that would like to work with me, feel free to contact me via email.

- Theresa Seyi 

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