RPG Show Jahy001 Fake Scalp Wig | First Impressions & 2 Month Update

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During the semi-recent Black Friday festivities, I bought my first wig from *RPG Show (Black Friday has always been my favorite time to invest in a good wig or bundles, because whew chile the deals!). I'd had my eye on the Jahy001 unit that I'd seen a few of my faves review on YouTube, and I decided that I needed it in my life.

I'm definitely not disappointed.

First off, sis came ready to go straight out the box. Literally, all I had to do was cut the lace and apply it to my head. I didn't need to flat iron it, hot comb it, etc. I also love how realistic it looks, and how easily the lace and fake scalp blend in with my skin.

Yes girl, issa fake scalp.

The Jahy001 comes in two versions (a fact that I didn't see highlighted in any other reviews), one with and one without a fake scalp (essentially another piece of fabric underneath the lace, to give the appearance of a scalp and allowing one to forgo the bald cap method). I purchased the version with a fake scalp (after first mistakingly having the other version in my cart, as I didn't realize that there were two versions).

I definitely attribute the fake scalp, tinted transparent lace (I opted for both in medium brown), along with the deeply bleached knots I requested to be the reasons why this wig blends so easily with minimal effort upon application.

To get the rest of the tea on Jahy001, and see the 2-month update that I included in my review check out my video below!

Stylishly Yours, 
Theresa Seyi

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