Heat Free Curls: How I Roller Set My Wigs

I got a request to film a tutorial on how I've been roller setting my wigs, to get bouncy soft curls. I used to roller set my hair back in the day when I was relaxed, but it was my hairstylist who suggested that I roller set my wigs as well for smoother curls (she had actually roller set it for me when she had originally styled it). 

Some of the keys to a good roller set are:
  • To make sure that you comb out each section so that the hair is smooth when you roll it.
  • To keep the hair damp (especially the ends) while rolling it
  • To allow the hair to dry COMPLETELY before you take the rollers out.

I really like roller setting my hair, as it allows me to cut down on heat styling (I can put the wand curler down y'all) and I can "pre style" my wigs before I apply them. I'm a woman on the move, so the more I can do ahead of time the better. 

Check out the new tutorial that I just uploaded on my channel, to see how I roller set my wigs and all the products that I use.

Stylishly Yours,
Theresa Seyi

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