Makeup for Beginners: How To Highlight and Contour

Over on Instagram, I asked you guys to send me some requests for my next mini makeup tutorial. A got a few for a tutorial on how to highlight and contour, (which is over on Instagram) and it was requested that I make an extended talk through version of my tutorial as well for YouTube

Highlight and contour is probably my favorite step in my makeup routine because it means that I'm in the home stretch and the finish line is in sight. I wanted to keep it simple in this tutorial, and just cover the basics that you need to know in order to successfully snatch your face. I know that cream contour was the wave for a minute but for my everyday makeup, I don't cream contour at all (I just use powder, because if I use a cream contour I still have to set it with a powder in a similar shade. Powder contour does the job for me, two birds, one stone). 

3 Important Tips for Highlight and Contour:

1) Look for a highlight shades roughly 2 shades lighter than your skin tone, and for contour shades roughly 2 shades darker than your skin tone.

2) Everybody does not HAVE to bake (leaving your setting powder on your highlighted areas for a prolonged period of time) as it doesn't always agree with everybody's skin type. Everybody does need to set though.

3) When selecting a loose powder to set your highlight, if you're a woman of color (especially around my skin tone) powders with a yellow tint to them work great to help avoid flashback. However I do love Patrick's Powder from the Patrick Starrr x MAC collab, and it doesn't have a yellow tint (it doesn't give my flashback though). 

Check out my tutorial below to see how I highlight and contour, and my favorite products for the job! I do want to mention one change that has been made since I filmed it though. I discovered that my foundation is too dark, so I've switched to Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'R in the shade 390 (my winter shade, I wear 420 in the summer).  

What are your favorite products to use to highlight and contour? Holla at me in the comments. 

Stylishly Yours, 
Theresa Seyi

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