P. Louise Rumour Base Review: New Shade (#5)

A few months ago, P. Louise Makeup Academy launched their base called "Rumour" which at the time only came in one shade (Retail: 10.00 British Pounds = $13.25 USD. Also note that worldwide shipping was an additional 9.99 GBP, so it total I paid close to $30 USD). Rumour is marketed as a thick, creamy, full coverage base to be used under eyeshadows to make them POP. Last month the makeup academy released additional shades of the base for pre-order (so there are now 7 shades of the base currently available), and I purchased it in shade #5 which is currently the darkest shade they offer (I do want to note that I have seen pictures of women of color of all shade ranges utilizing the original shade, which is MUCH lighter than shade 5. So I definitely see that shade 5 has the potential to be utilized by a variety of deeper darker skin tones) after creeping the Instagram comments and reading that they recommended that shade for people in the MAC NC50 shade range (for reference, I wear NC50 in MAC's Studio Fix Fluid Foundation which I'm wearing in the makeup look pictured in this post). 

The P. Louse base can be used as an alternative to MAC's Select Cover Up Concealer as an eyeshadow base, which P. Louise Makeup Academy popularized using for that purpose. The key to using their eyeshadow base is patting it to set it, and not setting it with another makeup product (like any sort of powder) before applying eyeshadows). 

I used the base under my eyeshadow for the makeup look and tutorial I did for my youtube review (check out my video review below), and I also tried it to "correct" areas of darkness on my face under my foundation (I read in an IG post on the P. Louise page that they sometimes use it on the face too, so I wanted to try that). I felt that the shade was a little too light for me to use to highlight my face, so I used it as a correcter instead to cover my dark circles, and other areas of darkness around my mouth. Dare I even say that I liked the results better than using my beloved orange color correctors?!  

Here's a flash pic that I took of my makeup, so y'all can see that I didn't get any flashback from using the base under my face makeup 

Check out my video review below to see the base in action, and how I used it under my eyeshadows and as a corrector under my face makeup. Do you see how SNATCHED under my eyes looks?! In my video review, I also swatch the P. Louise Base and compare it (with swatches) to MAC's Select Cover Up. 

Stylishly Yours, 
Theresa Seyi

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