UpBra Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

For today's blog post, my friends over at UpBra sent me a couple of their bras to try out and review. UpBra makes different styles of bras and bikini's, that lets you adjust how much cleavage and lift you wanna rock (by adjusting the straps under the bra, as seen here on their site) which is what makes their bras different from other companies.

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I've tried my fair share of push up bras in the past (I don't really have a larger chest, although I am a 32D at Victoria's Secret for reference), but I've never really been blown away by the results that I've gotten. I did try that one bra from VS that was supposed to add a couple of cup sizes, but when I turned to the side I looked like the letter P. It just looked super unnatural, and crazy. So when UpBra reached out to me, I was curious to see what would be different about their bras. I also knew that I wanted to try out their strapless bra, as a good strapless (that stays up, let alone stays up and lifts up) is hard to find.

Denim Jacket: Forever 21 | Jumpsuit: H&M (Old, it's on sale at my local stores) | Clear Strap Heels: Charlotte Russe

When you visit the UpBra website, there is a section on there that helps you find your size. Ideally, you want to visit this section of the site on your phone, as you'll have to hold your phone under your breast to help measure and determine what size you'll need. For the most part, the sizing was pretty accurate, although I did need a smaller cup size in the strapless bra (32C). I specifically wanted to try the bras in nude, as I knew that color would be most versatile under different colors (Tip: It's best to wear nude bras under white tops). While the UpBra's are definitely padded (with sort of a stiffer material, which takes some getting used to at first), I was surprised there wasn't a LOT of padding in them. Like I was expecting to see the typical flotation device type stuff going on inside, and that wasn't the case haha.

I tried out the Upbra Convertible Bra in Nude (Retail: $82.00), and I really liked how it lifted and separated my cleavage (I wore it under the off the shoulder top below). Like, I can see why they call it the instant boob job bra. It's really important to have a good convertible bra in your wardrobe, as you can adjust it to work with different tops and dresses.

The red jumpsuit I'm wearing here also has convertible straps, so it's good to know that I'd be able to adjust the bra to work with it as needed. If you're looking for more of a T-Shirt bra, UpBra offers those as well. If I wanted to wear this one with a plain t-shirt, I would have to toss on a cami underneath for everything to look smooth. 

I also tried the UpBra Miraculous Stay-Up Strapless Bra (Retail: $89.00), and I was pleasantly surprised. One of my biggest pet peeves is how strapless bras usually slip down a bit throughout the course of the day (especially if I'm moving around).

The strapless UpBra stayed in place throughout the day and was pretty comfortable. It also came with bra straps, so that's an option if I decide to add straps to it. I did have to go down a cup size in this bra, and I felt like I still had a lil gaping at the top, however, a 32B would have squished me (so this size seemed like the best option).

Top: So Empowered Top - Fashion Nova | Jeans: H&M (Old) | Bag: H&M (Old) | Shoes: Custom Nude Heels - House No. 3028

Overall, I really like how the UpBra's enhance, lift, and separate cleavage and still manage to look natural. These will definitely be my GOOD special occasion bras. The special event / epic girls night out / special date bras. My only cons are that they are on the expensive side, and while they do come in a few different solid colors I would like to see them extend their nude shade range to accommodate a variety of skin tones (as nude is subjective. Beige is a nude, but it's not MY nude. You feel me?).

The products featured in this post were sent to me to review, all reviews and opinions are my own. I only discuss and share products that I genuinely deem to be fly, fierce, and fab. 

Stylishly Yours,
 Theresa Seyi

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