Synthetic Wigs 101 Pt. II | How To Select The Right Wig For YOU

In Pt. II of my Synthetic Wigs 101 Series, I discuss how you can select the right wig for YOU. It can be kind of confusing if you've never purchased one before, and aren't sure what you want. U Part? V Part? Half wig? Lace front? Skin top part? If those terms have confused you, sis this video is for you. 

I also break down the color chart system in the video, so if you're not familiar with what the letters and numbers mean, wonder no more!

If you missed Pt. I on where I buy cute and affordable ($20-$30) wigs, you can check it out here

Stay tuned for Pt. III where I talk about how to securely apply (no glue, no tape, no sewing) and blend your wigs (coming at 'ya on Wednesday).

Stylishly Yours,
Resa Seyi

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