DIY Rhinestone Makeup Palette Organizer

Awhile back my dad gave me this plain black letter organizer, which I had been using to store and organize my makeup palettes. A couple of days ago I transformed it into this Rhinestone Makeup Palette Organizer, and it was requested that I make a tutorial on how I did it. Check out my tutorial below, and be sure to thumbs up my video and subscribe to my YouTube channel: FlyFierceFab

Supplies Used:

Gold Metallic Spray Paint (The indoor kind) - Hobby Lobby
Different Sized and Shaped Rhinestones - Hobby Lobby
Hot Glue Sticks - Hobby Lobby
Mini Hot Glue Gun - Walmart
Tweezers (to pull off the dried hot glue)

I hope you guys enjoy my tutorial, and if you make one I'd love to see it! 

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