About Last Night: Easy Beyonce "Flawless" Costume

If you follow me on Instagram (@FlyFierceFab), then you saw these pics from last night of my last minute Beyonce "Flawless" costume (in all of their IG filter glory) lol.  I was literally sitting in my room about 2 hours before I went out, trying to figure out what I was going to wear in order to:

 1) Go collect my $3 burrito from Chipotle (they do a $3 burrito special on Halloween, when you come in costume) 


 2) Go see the new Madea Halloween movie.

Personally, because I'm not really into halloween (because: Christian. We do Harvest Parties / Hallelujah Nights / Holyween as churchy alternatives lol) I wasn't super invested in a costume concept beforehand...but I was able to pull this together fairly easily using items that I already had in my closet.

Deets // Key Players:

Hair: Model Model Jazzy Unit (I have a video review on it here on my channel)
Necklace: My mom
Plaid Shirt: Men's Section H&M
Denim Shorts: Skinny High Waisted Jeans from H&M that I cut that night into shorts
Crochet Tights: My Sister
Belt: Old Michael Kors belt from TJMaxx
Black Booties: Charlotte Russe

I think I looked pretty flawless, if I do say so myself. #IWokeUpLikeThis

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