So You're Gonna Be Single on Valentine's Day...

and you're not alone. I too will once again be single on Valentine's Day, however, that doesn't mean that I'll have any shortage of plans. I've never quite understood why some single people despised Valentine's Day so much, or were depressed about spending it alone. Just because you're single, doesn't mean that you have to literally be alone. 

The way I see it, should you find yourself to be alone this Valentine's Day you have one of three options:

1) Treat Yo' Self. 

Go out and buy yourself something nice, treat yourself to a nice dinner (you can get take out), pamper yourself. Do something where you get to just take time for yourself, and enjoy it. Treating yourself doesn't even have to mean that you spend a ton of money. I'm a busy woman, and I feel like I'm luxuriating if I can get a couple of hours to myself and not have to think.

2) Go do something with your close friends! 

Should you have a friend or two that's also in the single boat, y'all could get dressed up and go out for dinner. Or you y'all could do something lowkey like stay home, order dinner, eat tons of Valentine's Day candy, and pop bottles of Martinelli's (I don't drink, so the only bottles I pop are Martinelli's or Welch's lol. Anything non-alcoholic and sparkling). This year I'll be getting dressed up (on full fleekity) with some of my close girl friends, and going out to dinner. 

3) Do both.  

Why not treat yo' self AND go out with your people? 

One day, I know that I'll meet the right guy and we can spend tons of Valentine's Days together (Husbae soon cometh, with all the chocolate and stuffed animals in hand). In the mean  time, I've learned to embrace my singleness and find contentment in it. I see no point in putting your dreams and goals on hold until you find yourself with the right person.

 If you're single, now is the time to focus your time and energy on finding yourself, discovering your purpose and passion, work hard and get your money together. Travel, become well rounded and well educated. You can do those things when you're married too, but since you have the time to be selfish and focus on yourself now: Do It. 

I've certainly learned to take my own advice, and just focus on my relationship with God and getting myself together. This way when the right man does come along, he'll be blessed with a whole well-rounded person. 

So what are y'all doing for Valentine's Day? Don't forget to love yourself first!

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