Nivea For Men Post Shave Balm As Makeup Primer? An Oily Girl's Thoughts

Not too long ago, NikkieTutorials put everybody in the makeup game onto using Nivea For Men's Post Shave Balm (Sensitive Skin) as a makeup primer. Apparently it works so well because one of the first ingredients in it is glycerin, which essentially helps your makeup stick to your skin. It's also supposed to help give you sort of a dewy and glowy look. I purchased a bottle from CVS for about $7 however, it is cheaper at Walmart (Retail: $5.54).

 I was kind of skeptical if it'd work for me since I have oily skin (my T Zone won't let me be great). However once the weather changed, my skin started getting drier so I figured I'd try it out. I'm really glad that I did because it worked really well. I do want to mention that I find that it works best for me on days that my skin is feeling drier. I've been using the Post Shave After Balm for a couple of weeks, so I could really see how it worked. 

When I used the Post Shave Balm as a makeup primer, I noticed that:

1) My makeup and skin looked smoother

2) When I applied my Sacha Buttercup Loose Setting Powder (to set my under eye highlight), it applied a lot better. It like clung to my skin (making it easier to bake), and blended out smoother than when I used other primers.

3) On drier skin days, my oils didn't break through faster than normal.

Would I recommend this to other oily skinned girls like me? Yes, especially if you're dealing with patches of dryness due to weather changes in your area. I had noticed that I was getting dry and flaky patches of skin when I used other primers, so I had been needing to use a setting spray to help combat the dryness after I did my makeup. Using the Post Shave Balm as a primer, worked better than my other primers in getting rid of those dry patches (and yes, I already use a really thick moisturizer).

One last thing to keep in mind, is that I use the Post Shave Balm after my moisturizer but before I apply my makeup. That's because I'm using it in place of a primer, and I'd never go straight to primer before a moisturizer. 

Have you tried the Nivea For Men Post Shave Balm as a makeup primer? If so, what'd you think?

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