Cheap & Chic: Affordable Acrylic Organizer Solution

I've been wanting an acrylic makeup organizer for a long time, but all the ones that I've come across have been super expensive. They're all easily $50+ on Ebay or Amazon, and I saw a gorgeous one at Marshall's that was huge...but it was $120. Ain't no way I'm boutta pay that much for what is essentially a plastic box. I'd rather spend that money on more makeup lol.

I was recently shopping in my local TJMaxx and HomeGoods (the stores are connected), and I saw this Eyeglass Organizer with Divided Trays by InterDesign for $12.99. It looked like it'd be perfect to house all of my lipglosses and liquid lipsticks (which were overflowing in the bin that I was storing them in), so I decided to buy it. I would have bought another one, but they only had one of these in the store.

I'm really glad that I purchased this organizer because I can fit all of my lippies in there (other than my lipstick tubes, which I have a tray for). I have them organized by color family, and the divider trays keep them in their sections (The dividers are set up so that you have 3 separated sections, in each of the 3 draws). Since the organizer is clear, it makes it easier for me to see my collection and know what I have to work with.

If you're looking for a cheaper alternative for an acrylic makeup organizer, I definitely recommend checking out your local TJMaxx / Marshalls / HomeGoods and getting creative. For example, I purchased a letter holder from the same TJMaxx & HomeGoods and I use it to display my makeup palettes. If you want to purchase the exact Eyeglass Organizer with Divider Trays that I have, I was able to find it here on Amazon for $19. Target also has a version without the dividers for $13

Happy Organizing!

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