The Best Places to Buy Synthetic Wigs + Wig Buying Tips

A question that a lot of people ask me is, where do I find all my wigs. I pick out certain styles or units by watching wig reviews on YouTube (HerStyle, and MuffinIsMyLovers are good go to's for wig reviews. I have reviews on my channel as well) and then I look to see if I can find something similar by a brand that I trust (and from a site that I trust).

First, let me just give you guys a few tips about buying & wearing synthetic wigs:

I find that curly or wavy units tend to last a little longer than straight units, because when the ends start to go it's easier to camouflage with curly/wavy units. On straight units it's more noticeable, and you'll just have to trim them. I'm more likely to be adventurous with curly / straight units, because they can be a bit more versatile than straight units. 

You can wash synthetic units, but they don't need to be washed as often as human hair. I wash my synthetic units in fabric softener, and I've never had any issues.

Even if the unit or hair that you get says that it withstands heat, it's best not to use heat on them. They'll last longer that way. 

Never sleep in your wigs. Take them off at night, detangle them, and put them up (ideally on a wig head). They'll last longer if you don't sleep in them, plus it'll allow your scalp to breathe.

You can use wig sprays to revive your wigs, but it's not nesecary to use them every day. I actually don't reach for them that often, usually putting a little water on my hands before detangling does the trick.

Some of the brands that I've tried, and have been pretty pleased with are Sensationnel (however I don't mess with their Empress Collection Curved Part Units. They're way too tight on my big head), Beshe, and Motown Tress (a lot of their units are the same as Beshe's). I have ordered hair from Friday Night Hair as well, and while they look crazy believable...some of the units that I ordered from them didn't last that long (like the GLS53, which was gorgeous...but only looked good for a few days). 

 There are a lot of wig brands out there, and trial and error is a big part of discovering the good guys. I don't mind venturing out and trying other brands, however, I'd have to really research the unit that I was interested in. Research is a major key.

Some of the sites that I've ordered from, and have been pretty pleased with are:

Elevate Styles (My go-to wig site. They ship rather quickly, however they don't always have a lot of the units I'm eyeing in stock)

Hair Wig Harlem (Shipping was crazy fast when I ordered from them in November)

Hair Stop and Shop

All of those sites sell wigs from a variety of brands, and Friday Night Hair just sells their own brand of wigs.

You can also find a lot of the same synthetic units that you see online, in your local beauty supply store. The thing to keep in mind is that they're usually more expensive in store (which is why I always avoid buying them at my local beauty supply store). For example, when I purchased my beloved Fab Fringe Unit at my local beauty supply store (my first and last time buying a wig there), it was twice as expensive as it was being sold for at the online stores that I mentioned. I only purchased it there because I was in a pinch, and needed a new unit. If you can find the unit that you're interested in store, I'd encourage you to try it on so that you can see how it looks on you. Other than that, buying wigs online is going to be your most coin conscious option.

So there it is guys, that's my rundown on some of the best places to buy synthetic wigs and some tips to keep in mind. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or holla at me on twitter and I'll get back to you. 

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