Kat Von D Lock It Foundation Review + My Foundation Routine

Introducing my new favorite foundation: Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation (which I purchased for $36 at Sephora)

I had been on the hunt for a new foundation that offered more coverage, and I came across a video on Kat Von D's Lock-It Foundation. I was pretty impressed with what I saw in the video, and I'd heard some great things about some of her products...so I decided to give it a try. I swung by Sephora a couple of weeks back, and colormatched myself to the Lock-It Foundation in the color "Deep 74" (which seemed to be a spot on match). I requested a sample, and they gave me a bit to try when I got home. 

The very first time that I used it, I fell in love. At first, I thought the color might have been too rich/red when I put it on...but then I realized that it actually matched me way better than the MAC Pro Longwear Liquid Foundation that I'd been wearing all this time (in NW45-47). In fact, anytime that I try to wear that foundation now...I feel like I just look ashy or grey. Anyways, the color in Deep 74 is probably the best foundation color match I've ever come across, and it feels lightweight on my skin. 

The foundation also lasts a really long time, and it's matte...but somehow manages to give me a subtle glow (I get my ideal matte yet skin-like finish with this foundation. My T-zone likes to get oily quickly, but this foundation holds me down). I like that a little goes a long way with this, so with 1-1 1/2 pumps (for like fullest coverage) I'm good to go. 

The bottle does say that the foundation is fragrance free, however I did notice that it has like a smokey scent to it when I first pump it out on my hand (I no longer notice it once I apply it to my face). It's not overwhelming, but it's definitely there. 

I haven't really noticed a lot of transfer occurring when I wear this foundation, so overall I'm very pleased with it. Hopefully they expand the shade range soon, because Deep 74 seems to be the darkest color that the foundation currently comes in.

My favorite way to apply the Lock-It Foundation, is by first using the POREfessional Primer by Benefit (which does an amazing job at blurring my pores. You can get the mini size for $10 at Ulta) and my Morphe M439 Deluxe Buffer Brush ($13.99 on Morphe's site)

Check out how I use Kat Von D's Lock It Foundation, in my foundation routine video below

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