Matte Lipstick by Ruby Kisses Review

During a recent trip to my local beauty supply store, I picked up three Matte Lipstick's by Ruby Kisses. They were $3.99 each in store, however they are $2.99 each on the brands website (Kiss USA). I decided that I wanted to try their black lipstick ("Blackism"), a nude ("Bare Nude"), and a blood red ("Vampire Red").

"Vampire Red"

I like that the lipsticks go on really smoothly, and they come in a broad range of colors (they come in 24 colors in shades ranging from nude to blues if that's your thing). They definitely live up to their full coverage claim, because I don't have to apply a ton to get full coverage. In my pics I wore "Chestnut" lipliner from MAC with the "Bare Nude" and "Vampire Red" lipsticks, and a black liner with "Blackism" lipstick. 


I also like that the lipsticks didn't dry out my lips. Btw, I ALWAYS exfoliate and moisturize my lips before applying a matte lip color, this way my lips look smooth underneath (there's nothing cute about having dry, flaky lips). 

"Bare Nude"

The lipsticks are long lasting too, and I can say that I would definitely purchase them again. They're such a great deal.

I'm thinking about making a swatch video soon, featuring all of my favorite matte lipsticks and lip colors. Leave a comment below, and let me know if this is something that you guys would be interested in seeing!

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