Glam Glow SuperCleanse & SuperMud Update

My samples from Sephora

So this post is a little late (whoops!), but as promised here are my thoughts after using the samples of the GlamGlow SuperCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser and the SuperMud Clearing Treatment (which I showed you guys in this video). I think that both products were a little too strong for my skin, to use on a regular basis. My skin seemed a little irritated and dryer the next day after using the cleanser (perhaps the slight breakout was due to the "clearing action"? I don't know, but I wouldn't say that this is something I would be looking to purchase in the future). 

The SuperMud Clearing Treatment would probably be ideal for me to use about once a month, or as a spot treatment (it cleared up an ingrown hair that I had on my face). I could see myself purchasing the $20 mini version for that purpose, but I definitely won't be shelling out $69 for the full size version. 

Maybe one of the other sets would have worked better for me, instead of the ones that focused on clearing the skin. I might try them in the future if I catch a deal, and if I do of course I'll share my experience with you guys.

Until Next Time. 

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