Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus IIlumination Creme Review

I was watching MakeupShayla's snapchats a few weeks ago (she is hilarious, and super beat), and she was going through some of her makeup products. She showed the Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination Creme in one of her snaps, and since I've been on the hunt for a new illuminator / luminizer I thought I'd give it a try. The BB Plus Illumination Creme is normally $36, and it's currently on sale for $26. I found a coupon code when I ordered it, and was able to get it for about $18 with shipping.

In the past I've used MAC's Lustre Drops in "Sun Rush" (a gorgeous deep gold color pictured above), however their lustre drops have been discontinued for a I needed a new go-to. As you can see in the picture above, Gerard Cosmetics BB Illumination Plus Creme is a paler gold color...but I think it's more shimmery. When I first swatched it, I was concerned about whether or not it would look frosty...but that wasn't an issue at all. 

According to the label, the BB Plus Illumination Creme can be applied to clean skin over or under foundation. I mixed about half a pump in with my foundation (MAC Pro Longwear Foundation), and it gave me a really nice glow. I prefer to use matte foundations, and I like to use illuminators or luminizers to give me a glow that doesn't make me look oily (I don't really like dewy foundations, they translate into me looking oily too fast. 0 to 100 real quick LOL). As the day went on, adding the BB Plus Illumination Creme to my foundation didn't translate into my face looking oily...I just had a nice glow going on. Yay!

So far I'm pleased with the BB Plus Illumination Creme , and I'm glad that I was able to get a great discount (the sale + coupon code I found). I think it was well worth the $18, however I'm not sure that I would pay $36 for it. That's simply because I pick and choose what I want to spend more money when I buy makeup, and if anything I'm more inclined to spend more money on foundations, setting powder, and eye shadow palettes. I prefer anything else to be in the $20 range. Gerard Cosmetics has some bundle deal sales going on, so if you're curious about trying their could be a good time.

I also want to note that it took about a week for me to get it in the mail...and I wish I had gotten it a little sooner. Other than that, I have no complaints.

I think I would purchase Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination Creme again in the future, if I caught it on sale again. It helps me accomplish exactly what I was going for, a nice glow, without looking oily.

The Gerard Cosmetics BB Plus Illumination Creme will most certainly be making appearances in my upcoming makeup tutorials, so stay tuned!

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