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Ciao Bella's,
In the interest of being a little kinder to my pockets (and staying on budget), I decided to give BSS (beauty supply store) synthetic lace wigs a try. It's been somewhat hit or miss, and I try to do a lot of research online before I order anything. The two biggest challenges that I've come up against with synthetic lace wigs are:
1) Fit. A lot of BSS Synthetic Wigs are super tight...and I don't think that my head is all that big. I wish that there were more units that readily accommodated larger head circumferences. I've tried to fix this problem by either adding elastic to the wig band in the back, or by simply not using the adjustable straps (and the wigs still fit just fine. I bobby pin them for security). 
2) Hard Lace. I personally find hard lace harder to work with, and I have to do a little bit of work to make hard lace units work for me. If I don't take my time to fix them first, wearing hard lace units winds up being painful in the long run (I had little scratches on my hairline after the first couple of days that I wore my first hard lace unit. Ouch!). I fix the units by trimming the lace down, folding it under the unit, and then sewing the lace down with invisible thread. I will make a video on this at some point.
This is the GLS53 Synthetic Unit from Friday Night Hair. I didn't leave any hair out, I just sat it back on my hairline (before I had to fix the lace so that it didn't scratch me up. Yes I was wearing a wig cap underneath).
When purchasing my wigs, the main sites that I've ordered from are:
Hair Wig Harlem 
Elevate Styles (if you order from them by 3PM EST, they'll ship it out the same day!)
Friday Night Hair (they sell rather believable looking units) 
My advice to anybody thinking about buying synthetic units, would be to make sure that you have alternate units on standby. If you wear the same unit everyday, it won't last very long. I also recommend stopping by your local BSS to try some on, this way you can get an idea of what kind of style it is that you like. I plan on investing in a good human hair wig this fall (either from RPG Show or Freedom Couture), and then getting a couple of good synthetic units to alternate with it. 
In my next post, I'm gonna give you guys a quick run down on some of the synthetic units I've purchased over the past couple of months, and their pro's and con's. 
Until next time!
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