Intro To Synthetic Wigs: The Roster

Friday Night Hair Synthetic Unit GLS08 in Color #1B
Pretty curls
Very glamorous (it's definitely not everyday hair)
Fits well
2" of lace in the front for parting space
Because it's super long, it can get a lil tangly (which I attribute to the length, not the fact that it's synthetic)
It's made on hard lace (as I said in my previous post, hard lace irritates my scalp. Yes I wore a wig cap and secured it. I found a way to fix my hard lace units so that they're wearable for me)

Friday Night Hair Synthetic unit GLS53 in Color #1. 
The curls are very pretty
It looks very believable (nobody was able to tell that this wasn't my real hair)
It blends really well (I didn't leave out any hair in the above pics)
There's 2" of lace in the front, great parting space!
Fits well
The ends got funky rather quickly (they were a little dry and weird in one spot when I got it, I trimmed it a couple of days later and kept it pushing)
It's made on hard lace 
Sensationnel Shasha Wig (purchased from Elevate Styles)
The hair is really great quality, I wore it for a few weeks before it started to get a lil tangly (some of the best BSS wig hair I've come across)
It's super affordable
It can also be worn as a U-Part wig
It's really tight. I had to add elastic to the wig band, and that helped a little bit...but I still don't like to wear it for long periods of time (I also never wear the adjustable straps with it. It just makes it feel tighter)
Hard Lace 
I found it harder to camouflage the lace on this unit
"Felina" Day 1

"Felina" a couple of weeks later

Motown Tress "Felina" (purchased from Elevate Styles)
It's lightweight and not bulky (so it's a great curly wig for the warmer weather)
Good quality, lasts for awhile
Minimal maintenance (I put it on and go)
Pretty curls
Medium length, so it's great everyday hair (this is my fave synthetic unit that I own)
Fits comfortably
Blends well, easy to put into different styles
2" Deep lace
Curling Iron safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (it's Futura)
Hard Lace
It's not super full, but it still looks believable 
I semi struggled with blending this unit in this style, because my natural hair isn't trying to cooperate in the humidity

Friday Night Hair GLS91 in 1

Soft lace
Pretty waves / curls
Looks believable
Comfortable fit
Get's a little tangly here and there
Doesn't lay super flat without bobby pins ( maybe it's just an application issue on my end)
Let me know if you have any questions about the units that I showed you guys! Leave a comment below, or holla at ya girl on IG or Twitter. I'm @FlyFierceFab on both =)
Until Next Time! 
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