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Ciao Bella's!

So I totally forgot all about the Tumblr that I made a couple of years ago, but I recently went and revamped it. It's called "The Height of Fabulosity" and it's pretty much where I'll share and post things that inspire my style, along with some of the outfits that I've worn. My tumblr isn't taking the place of my actual blog though, it's more like a nice little supplement to it =) My OOTD's and stuff like that will always get posted here first.

Check me out on Tumblr, and follow me if you're on there! I'm still browsing around for more style and beauty Tumblr's to follow, so leave a comment below (or holla at me on Twitter @FlyFierceFab) and let me know who your fave style and beauty tumblr accounts are. 

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