Secura Hair and Facial Steamer Review

Ciao Bella's,
Back in August I purchased the Secura Hair and Facial Steamer on ($79.95). I had considered purchasing the Huetiful hair steamer, however I'm glad that I went with the Secura because it was cheaper (the Huetiful hair steamer retails for $116.95) and it works really well. The Secura Steamer emits Ozone, which is a negatively charged oxygen molecule. According to the steamer box, this helps the with the absorption of moisture and lock in the moisture. I had read reviews saying that the Secura wasn't very durable, and that it was hard to assemble...but I didn't encounter either one of those issues. My sisters and I have been using the Secura hair steamer weekly since August (5 months ago), and it’s still in really good condition. I have only used the Secura steamer for my face once, and while it worked fine, I purchased it to use as a hair steamer so that is the focus of my review. 

The Secura steamer is very easy to assemble, and there are about 3-4 pieces that you put together to assemble the steamer. When I'm done using the steamer, I wipe it down, empty out the water, and put it back in the box. I only use distilled water in my hair steamer (I don't have hard water in my area, but if you do I would suggest that you do this as well to prevent mineral build up. The steamer holds a little over a cup of water btw), which I purchase for about $0.50-$0.88 a gallon depending on where I go. Once it starts emitting steam, the steamer runs for about 18 minutes before it automatically shuts off.

I usually sit under the steamer for 1-2 rounds (with a towel around my shoulders, to catch any of the water that drips down), and in-between rounds I will empty the water from the hood's condenser (if you don't do this some of the water will start to drip, and it's realllllly hot! Guess how I know haha). When I use the steamer, I usually turn around at some point so that I know the steam is reaching the back of my head.

Overall I'm really happy with this Steamer, and the very first time I used it I felt like my scalp was being stimulated. Over time my hair has gotten softer, and it retains moisture for longer. I use the Secura Hair Steamer weekly for my deep conditioning treatments, and it's improved how well my fave conditioners work in my hair.

If you guys have any questions about the hair steamer, leave a comment below or tweet me @FlyFierceFab
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