Reformed Product Junkie: Brief Eden's Body Works Review

Ciao Bellas,
I recently did the BC (big chop, for y'all that aren't hip to the hair lingo), and I'm nursing my hair back to health. I kinda went on a hair product binge, because now that I'm officially natural I was excited to try a bunch of products that I'd heard some ladies raving about.

 I went to Target and purchased some of the Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner (which I don't really have any complaints about, it helps me detangle my hair rather well. It didn't really blow me away, and it could stand to be more moisturizing), and then since I'd heard so many good things about Eden's  Body Works products (how their all natural and what not, since the creator developed it after having a bad experience with a relaxer as a young girl) I went HAM and purchased a bunch of their stuff...I bought their:
  1. Peppermint Tea Tree Temple Balm (which didn't really do much for me as far as slicking down the edges that I do have. Still working on 'em)
  2. Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk (didn't leave my hair moisturized as long as my staple moisturizer ORS Olive Oil Hair Lotion did. Plus every time I used this, my scalp itched. I'll address this in a moment)
  3. Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner (which was ok, it didn't leave my hair dry...but it also didn't feel it leaving as soft and moisturized as my usual deep conditioner Mizani Moisturfuse does. This also made my scalp itch after using it)
  4. Coconut Shea Co-Wash (which was off the chain because it left my hair feeling so soft and moisturized after I washed with it...but it made my scalp itch like CRAZY). 
  5. Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner (which I never even got to try, because after a bunch of the other hair products made my scalp itch I gave up).
When I used most of the Eden's Body Works products that I purchased, my scalp itched like crazy. At first I thought it was the Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk, because since there is Peppermint and Tea Tree oil in there I thought it was making my scalp tingle a bit. Well over the course of the day it'd go from tingling, to itching, to itching like crazy. I noticed that the same thing happened when I used the Coconut Shea Co-Wash, and the Jojoba Monoi Deep Conditioner. I'm not sure what is it about the Eden's Body Works products, but they just don't agree with my scalp so I won't be purchasing any thing else from their line. It's a shame too, because that Coconut Shea Co-Wash definitely could have become one of my staple products because of how nice it made my hair feel. It had Bae potential. I wound up giving all the Eden's Body Works products that I purchased to my sister (who is transitioning to natural) so that they don't go to waste. She's been using them for about a week now, and she says she hasn't experienced any of the itchiness or irritation that I did. Go figure. Every body's hair and scalp are different though. I'm definitely not bashing Eden's Body Work's...but their products just don't work for me (no pun intended). After dropping a bunch of coins on these products, I'm definitely going to slow up and just stick to the products that worked well for my relaxed hair (as they can be used on relaxed or natural hair) and homemade hair concoctions (like my beloved honey and olive oil hair mask). 

Through all of this, I think I figured out what the product junkie high is. In my case, it seemed like all of my staple products were new to me at one point...and while they work really well, what if there's something out there that works even better? How will I find it if I don't get out there and buy new stuff? Buy it all! Spend all the coins! HAHA. At any rate, this experience prompted me to get my life and just stick to my staples for awhile. The next time I decide to try something new from a line I've never tried, I shall be purchasing a sample starter pack or something. This product junkie has officially been reformed. 

Until next time. 

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