Moisture Spray Re-Mix

Ciao Bella's,
In a previous post I wrote about how my new staple moisturizer is a mix of aloe vera juice and water. It was working really well (way better than anything else I’ve used in my natural hair), however I was put on to something to add to that mix that made it even better: Rosewater. Lis’ the fabulous owner and creator of Simplicity Hair Oil directed my attention to a post on their IG page showing how she mixes the three to use in her hair, and then applies the Simplicity Hair Oil. Since I already knew how well the aloe vera juice and water worked for my hair, and my curlfriend and I had just been talking about trying rosewater, I figured that I’d give it a try. I’m so glad that I did! I feel like when I use this mix my hair feels smoother than it did with just aloe vera juice and water. I purchased a 8fl oz bottle of Rosewater by Heritage Store from Whole Foods for about $7.99 (it was on sale, I think I got about $1 off). 

Here’s how I made it:

In a spray bottle I combined:

2/3 Cup Distilled Water

1/3 Cup Aloe Vera Juice
1/4 Cup Rosewater

Be sure to store this mix in the refrigerator because the organic aloe vera juice is preservative free and it could go bad if you leave it out.

Water is the absolute best moisturizer, and aloe vera and rosewater offer some great benefits as well. Aloe Vera helps to moisturize your hair, get rid of dandruff, and promotes hair growth by balancing the pH level of your hair. Aloe Vera juice can also help to get rid of dead skin that could clog your hair follicles (thanks to it’s protolitic enzymes). Rosewater is super rich in flavonoids and vitamins A, B3, C, D, and E.  It can help make your hair healthier, softer, and shinier with continual use. Rosewater also helps to deal with porosity issues, because its pH is really close to the ideal pH level for hair. On top of all of that, rosewater has a nice light floral scent so it leaves my hair smelling really nice.

I’m low on Simplicity Hair Oil, but I did try using it after I sprayed my hair with the moisture and it worked well. Right now my main oil of choice is Jamaican Black Castor Oil, so that’s what I am regularly using to seal my hair. I will order more of the Simplicity Hair Oil soon though, because I really liked what it did for my hair back in the day.  

As I’m figuring out what some of my staple hair products are, I’m loving how some of the best stuff can be made right at home. What are some of your favorite homemade hair remedies? Leave a comment below and tell me about it!

Until next time.

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