Hair Review: Fab Fringe Bump Wig by Sensationnel

Ciao Bellas,
As y'all have seen from my pictures on IG, and my profile pic here on my blog, I've been rocking short hair for awhile. I really loved my Armenain Loose Curly hair from Princess Hair Shop, but it was time for a new look (the hair is still in good condition, I will talk about that at a later date in time). I've never really tried short hair before, and it wasn't really something that I planned on trying. I just happened to come across a video on YouTube by Ivy Powell reviewing the "Fab Fringe" bump wig by Sensationnel...and thought I could pull it off. I'm so glad that I gave it a try, because I really do love it. This look is bringing out a much sassier and spunkier side of me haha.

The back of the wig today, I've been wearing this one for awhile
I actually bought 3 of these wigs, all in the color "Champange." The first one I purchased from my local BSS (beauty supply store) for $39.99, the other two I got on sale from Hair Wig Harlem for $19.49 each. My list of pro's far outweighs the cons for this wig, so in my opinion it's well worth it. My once piece of advice would be not to wear a nude wig cap underneath it, as it'll be kinda noticeable in areas in the front. I purchased a dark brown wig cap to wear underneath it (I thought I picked up a black one *sigh*), and it works just fine. 


It looks super realistic, nobody has been able to tell that it's not my hair. Everybody I've run into with my hair like this just assumes that I cut my hair into this style.
The wig is pretty much ready to wear straight out of the packaging. It's cut really well, and falls into place when you put it on. I just run the flat iron over the bangs a little bit so that they lay how I like them to lay.
It's affordable
Shedding is very minimal
The wig fits comfortably, it's snug and secure without being tight
It is adjustable, and there is a comb in the back for added security. I don't usually slide the comb in unless I'm dancing (I do ballet), and want to really make sure nothing shifts
It's low maintenance. According to the instructions you just need to wash it by adding a little shampoo to cold water, swishing it in there, rinsing it in cold water, shaking out the excess water, and letting it hang to dry. I don't use any styling products in this hair at all. 


After I've washed and flat ironed it, I noticed that the bangs aren't as fluffy as they were straight out of the package. I want them to stay fluffy! 

This is hands down one of the best wigs I've ever come across in a beauty supply store, and I like that it's affordable and easy to find. My only issue is that I wish I could find a way to make the bangs fluff up again after washing and flat ironing it. I would most likely purchase the wig again, and maybe in a different color so that I could try something new. 

Until next time. 
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