Cracking The Moisture Code

Ciao Bellas,
When I decided to go natural (I big chopped about a month ago), it didn't occur to me that it might necessitate a turn towards more homemade hair remedies (like my beloved honey & olive oil hair mask). Ever since I big chopped, I've been struggling with keeping my hair moisturized. I tried my old staple hair moisturizer from my relaxed days (ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion), and that only kinda worked the first couple of days after I washed my hair. I could tell that the lack of proper moisture was throwing off how my hair responded to the rest of the products I was using post-wash, and since I now have to wash my hair twice a week (the prescription from my dermatologist must be used twice weekly, then shampooed out. I always condition my hair when I wash it) I really needed to figure out what would work for my hair in terms of keeping it properly moisturized.

Enter The Aloe Vera Juice & Water Moisture Mix

I had been watching some of Naptural85's videos on youtube, took a few notes, then I decided to call my little cousin (who is also a type 4c natural and has gorgeous hair) and asked her what she does to moisturize her hair (she also put me on to Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner a couple of months ago. Good looking out cuz!). She sent me a link to this video (which I had literally just finished watching) aptly entitled "Moisutrizing Dry Natural Hair" where Naptural85 explains how she goes about moisturizing her natural hair. My cousin said: I just do everything she does. I just wanna know why homegirl waited till now to tell me that haha. I'm learning a lot from Naptural85's videos, and she is definitely my new favorite natural hair youtuber. 

Anyways, I'm SO glad that I gave her method a try because this is the best my hair has felt since my BC. I spritz my hair in the morning and at night with a mix of 1/3 aloe vera juice and 2/3 water (I used purified water), seal it with my oil of choice (Extra Dark JBCO by Sunny Isle), and occasionally use Naptural85's shea butter mix. Using the aloe vera juice & water as my moisturizer has made the biggest difference in my hair, it instantly feels so soft and moisturized...and it stays that way. Yes it gets a little dry by the end of the night (especially since I wear wigs, and a wig cap), but when I moisturize it at night my hair feels like it did get moisturized at some point... as opposed to how it felt like it hadn't been touched when I was using my original hair moisturizer. 

I purchased the Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Juice at Whole Foods, and I (well my curlfriend, we went shopping together for hair goodies) found it in the aisle near the digestive products and vitamins. This is the preservative free kind in the glass bottle, which I believe was $7.99. They also have one that has preservatives in it for about $5.99. They also sell aloe vera juice in their juice isle, so if you ask somebody in the store to help you find it, make sure you specify that your looking for the dietary supplement kind. I purchased the preservative free kind because that is what Naptural85 showed on her blog, and I will be sticking with it since it works for me. 

Keep in mind that the aloe vera juice will need to be kept refrigerated once you open it, which also means that you will need to refrigerate your spray bottle that has your mix in it. This is definitely my new staple hair moisturizer, and I've noticed a lot less breakage since I started using it. This just goes to show that a lot of the best things for our hair can be made right at home. 

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