Anemia & Hair Loss Update: My Trip to the Dermatologist

Ciao Bellas,
So after taking my iron supplements for a few months, my doctor suggested that I see a dermatologist (that she recommended) so we could be sure I was on the right track. I went to see the dermatologist today, and we talked about the changes I noticed after I started taking the iron supplement (I also informed her that I've been taking hair vitamins. I've been taking Manetabolism since around may or june) and my current hair regimen. 

The dermatologist said that I'm making good progress in all the areas where I've experienced hair loss, however she did notice a teeny tiny spot on the top of my head where it looked like the hair follicles were damaged (she said it looked shiny and whatnot. I can't remember her exact words at the moment). She asked me if there was ever any trauma in that area, and I did tell her that I used to wear sew in ponytails in that area...and my hairstylist had noticed the spot ages ago and just told me to do hot oil treatments for it. According to the dermatologist I should see at least 90% recovery in that area, and as my hair comes in the little spot shouldn't be noticeable. 

Some of my tried and true wash day products
Overall I'm just happy to hear that I'm on the right track with my hair, and I don't have any serious permanent damage. My dermatologist also wrote a prescription for me (it's for Fluocinolone, which I had never heard of before), for a scalp oil that is apparently peanut based and has steroids in it to help speed up the growth on the sides of my head where I experienced the most hair loss. I need to use it twice a week for a month (after which I will have a follow up visit), by massaging it into my scalp, putting on a shower cap and leaving it in overnight (or at least for 4 hours) and then washing it out the next day (with shampoo and conditioner). I'll be incorporating it into my hair regimen accordingly, and I'm looking forward to nursing my hair back to health.
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