2014: It Was a Very Good Year

Ciao Bellas,
In less than 24 hours, it will be 2015...a brand spanking new year full of new opportunities, adventures, and experiences. There are so many things that I'm looking forward to doing and accomplishing in the new year...but it would be amiss for me to not mention some of the things that I was grateful for this year (along with a quick recap of some of the highlights of my year): 
1) Renewed focus. I feel like so many things happened this year that tried to distract me or get me off track, but GOD *praise break*

2) New opportunities. I've been dancing since I was like 2, and this year I got the opportunity to choreograph my dance group as they were the backup dancers for a group's performance that took place on one of the largest stages in my state. I also later got to choreograph a showcase for that same singing group. 
Getting ready for the show backstage
3) Good friends. I definitely treasure and value my close friendships, and I'm very thankful for the new friends that I made this year along with being able to reconnect with some of my old friends. 

4) New friends. As a young Christian still finding my way (because nobody is perfect or has it all together), I'm really grateful that I made some friends this year that are in my age group and committed to their faith. It's really encouraging to be able to talk to people that I really feel like I relate to, and be able to go to some really poppin' events for young Christians with them. One such event that I attended, was the Jesus is___ tour with Pastor Judah Smith (he was the speaker for the event). I never knew a church service could be as live and turnt up as things were that night.  
Jesus Is __ Tour

5) New experiences. This year I participated in The Color Run when it came to my city. I had every intention of doing it with a team of my friends, however the ones I invited all chocked out in the end so I wound up doing it by myself. I'm solo glad that I still went though, because I really enjoyed it and of course I made some friends along the way. 

Just ran through the pink section

6) Being able to do more of the things that I love. I discovered that I really like doing things like 5k walks / runs (well, for me it's usually more of a walk...but y'all feel me haha). In addition to The Color Run, I also did the Making Strides Breast Cancer Awareness Walk and The March of Dimes walk this year.

7) Being bold. I evolved a lot this year, I went out and got a retail job at one of my fave stores (I really like it there, the clothes are poppin', the people are fun, and it's a great environment), and my look evolved quite a bit this year. I took more fashion risks (partially because I was seeing a whole lot of clothes and looks that I wanted to experiment with at work), and I started wearing wigs and stepped up my hair game....

I went blonde

I went short

Oh, and if you follow me on twitter...you also know that I big chopped recently. No pics will be posted though until I'm more comfortable with my hair. I'm still rocking my wigs, as I'm giving my hair a break and recovering from the toll anemia took on my hair. 

In 2014 I had a lot of highs, and some lows...but through it all I'm thankful to still be standing and I'm super excited to greet 2015.

Enjoy your New Year's Eve Bella's, and turn up safely and responsibly. Wordsplayed and Andy Mineo just dropped my turn up song for the night called "Martinelli's." I shall be turnt up to this all the way home from the New Year's Eve Watch Night Service tonight at church HAHA

Who got that Martinelli's on deck tonight?!

Until next time. 
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