Princess Hair Shop Armenian Loose Wavy Review

Ciao Bellas,
It was about time for ya girl to get herself some new hair, so last week I decided to purchase 2 bundles of hair (14" and 16") and a closure (which is 14-16") in the Armenian Loose Wavy texture from Princess Hair Shop (Using one of their Princess Package Deal, yayyy discounts!). I also purchased a piece of sample hair in the same texture, so I could experiment with the color before I bleached my bundles. Armenian Loose Wavy is a rather new texture to the company, and I've been eyeing it since I saw it on the company's instagram page. I decided I wanted to make myself a full wig (no hair left out), and to lighten the hair considerably when I got it. I finished my wig last week, and I'm really pleased with how it came out and I really love the of course I have to hit y'all with an official review =)

My thoughts on the hair itself: I've used Brazilian, Indian, and Eurasian hair in the past (not from Princess Hair Shop), and I would say I definitely prefer the texture of Armenian hair for my extensions this time around. The hair is super soft (just as soft as it was before I bleached and highlighted it), fine like Indian hair, and yet full and voluminous like Brazilian hair. In fact, had I left hair out I think that this texture would have blended best with my relaxed hair. The hair came in a very dark almost black color (its natural color, as pictured below), was super soft, had a loose wave to it, and looked rather full.  No smell, no raggedy ends, no funny stuff, just really beautiful great quality hair. After coloring and highlighting the hair it's still realllllly soft, the ends are in great shape, I haven't experienced any tangling or shedding. Loveeee it!

The details of how I made this wig will be in my upcoming YouTube video, but for an overall summary of what I've done to the hair: I bleached all the hair to a medium brown color (using 20 Vol Developer, Ardell Red Gold Corrector Drops, and BW2 Lightening Powder), highlighted it (using Kaelidocolors toner powder in the blue packet for cool tones, and one in the beige packet which gives neutral tones), sealed the wefts, bleached the knots of my closure, sewed all the hair onto a wig cap, sewed an elastic band in the back (elastic band method) and I'm getting the front layered a tiny bit so that the hair will frame my face more. I'm not a stylist, but after making and highlighting my last wig (and doing a ton of research) I felt comfortable coloring my hair myself.

How I Take Care of The Hair: When my package shipped, Princess Hair Shop sent me a long and super detailed email (which I totally appreciated, because I had lots of questions as far as how to care for the hair) listing the do's and don'ts of  caring for the hair, as well as products and brands recommended for washing and styling the hair (as well as specific products to stay away from). Based on that list, I decided to go with: Creme of Nature Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo (which I already had been using in my own hair. It's sulfate free. The conditioner was recommended in the letter and email), Paul Mitchell The Detangler Conditioner (well, I got the GVP version from Sally's....cause it's cheaper LOL), and the One N Only Argan Oil Spray Treatment (which  serves as my heat protectant for the hair, but it also offers instant shine, smoothness, frizz control, color protection, and it's alcohol free). I will also be purchasing some of the One N Only Argan Oil Treatment for the hair (their styling products were recommended in the email from Princess Hair Shop, a print out of all the info in  the email also came with my hair) from Sally's soon. Sidebar: I like to use flexirods overnight in the wig (while it rests on my wig head lol) to curl the hair, just so I'm not putting too much heat on it.

Was 2 Bundles and A Closure Enough for a Full Wig?!: For me, yes. Keep in mind that each bundle is 3.5 ounces and I used "shorter" lengths (1 Bundle of 14" and 1 bundle of 16" with my closure). The hair is full enough as to where it looks natural. To be honest when I was finishing sewing the hair on my cap, I almost thought I was going to run out of hair because I still had to cover a decent sized spot on my wig cap. Maneuvering the wefts differently (not cutting! I did  not cut my wefts, even though I sealed them. Should you choose to cut your wefts I definitely suggest that you seal them first with Fray Check) solved this problem, and my wig looks rather full yet natural so 2 Bundles and A closure was enough hair for my full wig (and no, I don't have any weird spots left uncovered lol). If I decided to use longer lengths (like near 20") I would definitely have needed 3 bundles.

My Thoughts on Princess Hair Shops Customer Service: I had emailed Princess Hair Shop a couple of times before I made my purchase, with questions about the hair (I liked to make informed purchases lol) and they always replied with to the point answers to my questions. It didn't take long for them to process my order (about a day), and I think my hair shipped that same day. I recall ordering it on Wednesday, and I was supposed to receive it Saturday...but there was some sort of postal service delay so I received it on Monday. I really like that they sent me the super detailed email (listing the products to use, do's and dont's, details of the warranty on my hair, and their refund policy which is super reasonable) when my order shipped, and sent it to me with my hair as well. It cut down on what would have been a lot of trial and error on my part in terms of trying to find the right products for my new hair. Princess Hair Shop hair has a 1 year limited warranty (and again, the details are made clear in their email), and the terms of the warranty are very reasonable in my opinion. You can also call the company at any time if you are having problems with the hair, and need help finding the right products and regimen for it.

 This is my first purchase (most certainly not the last!) from Princess Hair Shop, and like I said I purchased everything myself and these are my honest opinions on all the aspects of the hair. If there's something I didn't cover, or you have a question leave a comment below! Make sure that you're subscribed to my YouTube Channel so you can see and hear all the details of how I made my wig, and any further thoughts on this hair =)

 Stylishly Yours,

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