Hair Tip: Nylon Wig Caps

Ciao Bellas,
I learned a very important lesson this week when I started wearing my full wig: All nylon wig caps are NOT created equal. When I purchased my Evolve wig caps (the package comes with 2 for about $0.88 at Sally's, pictured below to the left), the color was great...but the band is waaaaay too tight for my head. Like ya girl was getting headaches, so I can only imagine what that would have done to my hair over time. Yesterday when I went to my local beauty supply store (where I also picked up some organic unrefined Shea Butter), I found some wig caps by Annie (pictured below, on the right. The package comes with 2 wig caps as well, and it was like $1.99) and they fit so much better. The color is fine, and the band isn't tight (but it still fits and stays in place) so I won't be getting any more headaches. So remember ladies, check out those wig caps before you put 'em on...they aren't all the same (even though both packages said "One Size Fits All").

 Stylishly Yours,

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