Cheap And Chic: Kim Kardashian White Lace Look

Ciao Bellas,
I'm ALWAYS spotting knock off versions of super cute outfits celebs have rocked (like my recent IG post below), and I should have started sharing them with you guys ages ago...but it's never too late!

Introducing: Cheap and Chic. My Cheap and Chic posts will be up on my IG (@FlyFierceFab) 1st, and posted here after so be sure that you're following me on IG to see 'em first. I'll be featuring different fly, fierce, and fab looks that celebs have worn, along with a super affordable version of the look.

This first look was a fierce all white lace ensemble that Kim Kardashian rocked, and I came across a knockoff version of the top for $29.99 at Love Culture, called the Crochet Foliage Bustier ( It'd be really cute paired with a white pencil skirt from like for a similar and affordable version of Kim's look. 

Stay tuned for more Cheap and Chic posts!

Stylishly Yours,

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