Simplicity Hair Oil Review

I've been holding out on y'all. During the Cyber Monday sales and festivities that took place in November, Simplicity Hair Oil (which I've been wanting to try since FOREVER, but I had been waiting for a sale since the oil is kinda expensive) had some great deals. On Cyber Monday the 50 ml bottle (the largest size they offer) of the Female Blend (they offer a blend for women and for men) went on sale for about $36, so I decided to buy some and see what all the hype was about. I ordered my bottle and the dropper top (for $1.50. A dropper does not come with the 50 ml bottle, but it was worth it to purchase one because I'm a lil bit heavy handed with products haha) bright and early on Cyber Monday, and received them about 3 days later which I was really happy about.

About The Oil:
The Simplicity Hair Oil Blend is a natural blend of 10 organic and therapeutic oils, along with 3 carrier oils that are organic and wildcrafted (this is all according to the informational material that came with the oil). Oils listed in the ingredients include Jojoba, Grapseed, Coconut, Bay Laurel, Sage, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary Verbenone, Tea Tree, Ylang Ylang, and Carrot oils. Simplicity Hair Oil can be used as an oil for scalp massages, in deep conditioning treatments, before blow drying, for hot oil treatments, after chemical services, as an ends protector, daily moisturizer, and for thinning hair and edges. The oil is intended to help strengthen hair, while nurturing and repairing it as well. A little (either a few drops or droplets, best dispensed with a dropper or pump) goes a long way, and from what I understand Simplicity Hair Oil works best when you find ways to work it into every step of your hair regimen (or as many steps as possible). Simplicity Hair Oil can be used on both relaxed and natural hair, and they have a blend for women and one for men. The oil absorbs really quickly, so hair isn't left all greasy and weighed down after use.

Over the past year or so I've seen posts on social media from ladies who have been using the oil, like Tamar Braxton, Karrueche, and Blac Chyna (who all have fabulous natural hair from what I've seen them post), along with other ladies seeking to improve their hair health. They all seemed to get pretty good results, so I was pretty comfortable with the idea of incorporating Simplicity Hair Oil into my hair care regimen.

How I've Been Using It:
I started using Simplicity Hair Oil at the end of November (it arrived the same day that I got my last relaxer, and I began using it the next day), and so far I really like what it's been doing for my hair. I massage a few droplets (like 4) onto my edges (they need help y'all. I have to rehab my edges from all those tight buns I've worn) every morning, and if there's any oil left on my hands I put it on my ends first and run it through the rest of my hair. A little of this oil goes a long way so I don't have to use a lot to get the job done. I've also been using the oil exclusively when I moisturize (with ORS Olive Oil Moisturizing Lotion) and seal my hair (using Simplicity Hair Oil), I've done scalp massages with it every 3 days (when I'm not wearing an install), and I incorporated it into my wash day regimen (using it to do a hot oil treatment before shampooing, adding a little to my deep conditioner, and using a little with my leave in conditioner and heat protectant to blowdry my hair on cool after airdrying for a little bit). I've found that my has definitely been a lot smoother and shiner, and it hasn't gotten weighed down by the oil (which was very important to me, I'm not here for greasy looking weighed down hair). Also my scale hasn't been as itchy, which I'm rather happy about. I think the oil has a rather minty smell to it, which is really nice and refreshing (not at all overwhelming).

As far as my edges go, I think they still need some time and TLC (The effect of 2 years of tight bunning can't be reversed in 2 months haha), but for the record here's a picture of my edges after my relaxer the day I began using the oil

And heres a picture of what my edges are looking like as of today (I have an install in right now, but y'all can still see my edges haha). My last relaxer was at the end of November. And no, I do not have on any makeup  =)

The bottle that the oil is in is rather dark, so I can't tell precisely how much oil I have left...but when I shake it, it sounds like there's still a pretty good amount in it. I will let y'all know when I run out, so you can get an idea of how long a bottle might last you.

So far I'm pleased with what the Simplicity Hair Oil Blend is doing for my hair, and I hope to see some growth and thickening with my edges soon too (with some TLC and patience). I'm loving how soft and smooth my hair feels, and I definitely attribute that to the oil as that's the only new product that I've incorporated into my regimen. I don't think my hair has ever felt this soft and smooth before. I'm currently rocking an install, but I am still applying the oil to my edges daily and massaging it in (along with finding ways to apply it to my hair underneath my install).

Have any of y'all tried Simplicity Hair Oil? If so how have you incorporated it into your hair regimen?

Stylishly Yours,


  1. Hello,

    Just wondering would you still recommend the oil now that you have used it for a while? Also, are you still using it?

    1. Hi Mellanie,
      I actually just ran out of the oil last week *tear* lol, I was on my second bottle, and I would def recommend the oil to others (I will be purchasing more during the next sale, whenever that is. It's a bit expensive, so I try to purchase it during the sales). The biggest differences that I saw in my hair (and scalp) while using it was that my ends looked a lot better, my hair was shiner, wasn't weighed down, and my scalp wasn't itchy. Check it out, and let me know if you try it =) - Seyi

  2. Hi,

    I heard alot of good things about simplicity but I decided to try significant hair care oil blend. I have had great results. Yes, i lo v e wearing weave but i had to stop. My edges was thin and hair was damage. So my friend recommended Significant hair care products. My hair is healthy and my edges has filled in. My mom has alopecia areata and it has helped her hair to grow. She has 2 in half inches. Far as prices, they are reasonable but not cheap.

  3. how are ur edges now

    1. Hi,
      I'm anemic, and since it hadn't been under control (for about the last year) I lost a lot of hair (including my edges). I still use Simplicity Hair Oil from time to time, but I've decided to transition to natural and I've been using JBCO on a daily basis (along with taking iron as recommended by my doctor, and I've been taking Manetabolism for the past few months). Slowly but surely my edges are growing back, and I'll post pics when I'm comfortable enough with the progress I've made. Thanks for checking out my blog =) - Seyi