In Depth Sassy Mitchell Brazilian Natural Curl Review

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So if you're subscribed to my youtube channel (which you totally should!, you've probably already seen my 1 month update video on my current install / U part wig. If not, here it is:

At any rate, today I'm gonna give y'all my detailed review on this hair and my closure now that I've had a lot of time to work with and play with it. Just to recap, I have in 2 bundles of hair from Sassy Mitchell in Brazilian Natural Curl in 24" and 22". I didn't use the entire bundle of the 22" though, I had a tiny bit of that left over. I used the hair, and a 14" natural curl lace base closure that I ordered from Closure Addictz to make myself a U Part Wig with closure that I had my friend sew in for me. I've never made a U Part Wig before, done a sew in, or anything like that before so this was all uncharted territory for me. I also bleached the knots on my closure and highlighted all the hair (using 10 vol creme developer by Salon Care from Sally's and 1 1/2 packages of the blue Kaleidocolors tonal powder lightener). I left some hair out around my perimeter so that I can pull my hair up into a ponytail and whatnot.

About the hair:

Sassy Mitchell: It behaves really well, the main thing I have to focus on is just keeping it moisturized (especially since I've been experiencing rather humid weather in my area). I don't get a ton of shedding, just a strand or two here and there but it's never been a big deal. In its natural state I don't get any tangling as long as I keep the hair moisturized and don't use products that dry it out (like TRESemmes flawless curl lotion creme, that dried the hair out and made it hard. Not cute!). If that happens, I just wet the hair and put some conditioner in it and it's all good. I did get a little bit of tangling when I straightened and then curled the hair (with my flatiron and then maintained it with flexirods) but it wasn't that bad. After I ran my fingers through it a few times, the problem was solved. Pretty much the deal is this: I don't get a lot of shedding, and I only get tangling if the hair isn't moisturized.

Closure Addictz Closure: The curl of this hair (which is Eurasian) is slightly looser than that of my 22" Sassy Mitchell bundle, but it does match the curl of my 24" bundle so it's not a problem. Initially I curled my hair with a curling wand to blend it with the closure, but lately I've found that doing a twist out with my own hair helps it to better blend with the closure and the rest of the hair. I haven't gotten any tangling with the closure, and there is very minimal shedding. I care for the closure the same way that I care for the Sassy Mitchell hair and so far so good.

Products That I Use To Care For All The Hair: My go to shampoo and conditioner hands down is the Flawless Curls Curl Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner by TRESemme. I wash the hair with this about once a week, and apply the conditioner and water in the morning when I unwrap my hair (I sleep with it in 2 braids) and at night before I wrap it. I also carry a little bottle of the conditioner mixed with water in a mini spray bottle in case I find that I need to spray the hair if its humid out. If I feel like I need to put a little bit of oil on the ends of the hair, I use my French Argan Oil by Indique. When I flat iron the hair, I use TRESemmes heat tamer heat protectant spray and that works really well. It didn't weigh down the hair or dry it out. After I wash the hair on a wash day, I blow dry it with my blow dryer and a diffuser attachment that I got from Sally's until it's about 80% dry. I recently purchased some Kanechom conditioner to mix with my Silicon Mix conditioner on deep conditioner days, and its a winning combo for my hair and the wig. I also use a Denman brush to detangle the hair when its soaking wet and has conditioner in it right after I wash it.

Is the hair versatile? Yes! It looks beautiful in it's curly state and after it's flat ironed. The curls do come back after washing the hair, as you can see in my last picture (taken today).
Left: After flat ironing and curling it, Top Right: The day after the picture on the left was taken, after taking out my flexi rods, Bottom Right: The hair in its natural state the day I had it installed

Would I purchase hair from both of these companies again? Definitely. I'm really happy with the quality of the hair and the closure. They blend well together, took color well, and I like that I can pretty much just wet it a little bit and go when I'm styling it in it's natural state. When flat ironed it's full of body, and looks nice and full too. I will probably wind up buying this hair again in longer lengths (I like to stunt a little bit hehe), and maybe eventually in a looser curl texture (from both Sassy Mitchell and Closure Addictz) to make a full wig. Keep in mind that my review on the hair and closure applies to how it behaves after coloring it.

1 month later. It's wash day y'all, but as you can see the curls do come back after flat ironing the hair. 

Hopefully I answered any questions you guys might have had about the hair or my install, if not tweet ya girl ( @FlyFierceFab), or leave a comment and I'll get back to you

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  1. Hello, Did you dye the weave before you put it in? I like the color you have in it. My hair has no color but I wanted to put highlights or something like that. What do you suggest?

    1. Hey! No I dyed the weave after I made the wig, this way I could see exactly where they would be when I wore the hair. I'm not a stylist, but from watching a lot of diff youtube videos I figured out how to get the color I wanted. If you're going for highlights, I'd suggest packages of kaleidocolors (which color package you use depends on the tones you're going for. Blue gives cool tones, beige gives neutral tones. Those two would probably be nice. You would mix each package separately with developer), and 10 or 20 vol creme developer. You can just pick random sections by hand, and apply the kaleidocolors lightening powder (which also tones so you don't have to worry about it looking brassy or something after) mixed with developer to the hair, and separate those sections using see through hair coloring foils (available at Sally's) while the color processes. This is what I did when I made my last unit with the Princess Hair Shop Armenian Hair ( Hope that helps =) thanks for checking out my blog! - Seyi

  2. Do you mix you conditioner with the water and spray it when you take it out the two braids or do spray water then rub the conditioner through it?

    1. Hey Sylvia, when I wore this hair I would unbraid the hair, mix conditioner & water and spray it. I would do it the other way that you mentioned only if the hair required more moisture that day. Hope that helps =) - Seyi