Red She Said Pt III: Maintenance

Ciao Bellas,
As y'all know by now, I am in LOVE with my red hair. I had it dyed red with cellophane at the salon 7 weeks  ago, and the color had since faded so I was in need of a refresher. I thought about  getting it done at the salon again, but since cellophane is essentially harmless (no ammonia, no peroxide) I figured that I'd try dyeing my hair at home with semi permanent color to see if I could  do it myself and save myself some coins. If I couldn't do it, I do love the color enough to pay to get it done at the salon...but since it's not permanent and I'd have to keep getting it dyed I figured that I'd at least try.

I'm so glad that I did! I used the same Jazzing by Clairol Rinse in Ruby Red that I used to dye my Indique Fishnet, and the color came out really pretty.

This is a little sideshot of my hair after it air dried..

And here it is styled...


What I Used And How I Did  It: 

To start, I first did a quick hot oil treatment with heat, olive oil, and a plastic cap. After detangling my hair, I shampooed it with Aphogee's Shampoo For Damaged Hair (my favorite shampoo, recommended to me by my stylist), and then put some of the Jojoba Oil grease (I think thats what it's technicallly considered to be) around my edges on my scalp to prevent the dye from staining my scalp (I didn't have any vaseline, so this was the next best thing I could find). In hindsight I should have used more because I still had a little staining (which I removed with shampoo and a washcloth), but since this was my first time I wasn't sure. Next I put on some plastic gloves (absolutely essential! I forgot to do this when I dyed my clip ins, and it took awhile to get the dye off my hands), and applied the entire bottle  of Jazzing in Ruby Red to my hair in sections to make sure that I got every strand. I probably didn't need to use the whole bottle...but I think thats why the color came out so rich (It looks a lot redder in daylight now,  then it did when I got it done at the salon in my opinion). I then put on a plastic cap, and applied heat for 30 minutes as instructed on the bottle in order to get semi permanent results. I rinsed the dye out with cold water (not instructed on the bottle, but I've heard it was a good idea to do this when dyeing your hair. I just rinsed it until the water wasn't as bright red anymore. I knew it wouldn't turn clear since its a semi permanent dye, and a little comes out with every wash), and conditioned my hair with my fave moisturizing conditioner which is "Moisturefuse" by Mizani. I then sprayed my new staple leave in conditioner in my hair, which is the "Perfect 7, 7-N-1 Leave in Treatment" from Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Product line (It detangles and conditions, provides heat protection, breakage defense, controls frizz, moisturizes dry hair, prevents split ends, and adds exotic shine). I've been using this leave in conditioner for about a month now, and I really like  it. It's nice and light, but still does the job. Anyhoo, after the leave in conditioner I detangled my hair and braided it in two pigtails and wrapped my hair with a silk scarf to air-dry over night. Once my hair was dry the next day, I curled it with my FHI Heat Kore Flat Iron. 

My Opinion On The Dye: I really like it, I got a really nice vibrant red color that is visible under regular light and looks amazing all over in daylight. It didn't dry my hair out or anything, my hair was nice and soft when I was done so I was a happy girl  (keep in mind that I conditioned with a moisturizing conditioner right after). Remember that my hair is already lightened in areas because I had/have highlights, so the color is redder in those areas..

I used the Panteve Pro V Touchable Volume Flexible Hold non aerosol hairspray for fine hair in my hair to hold the curls (I was scared to use this super hold spray my mom has, as  my hair doesn't like it. I bought the Pantene spray to use on my extensions, which I found don't hold a curl because it's straight hair). This wasn't a product that I've ever  heard of  somebody with ethnic hair using, but it held my curls all day in the humidity and kept my hair nice and soft. No crunchyness, or breakage. I sprayed some  on my hands, then scrunched my curls. The pictures below were taken 10 hours after I did my hair. I'd never used any of  their products before, and I never intended to use this in my own hair..but it did the job so I'm not mad at it. I don't know if I'd purchase it again, or make it a staple but I'll see how it goes.

Don't mind that 1 little uncurled piece, I didn't notice till now. Nobody told 'ya girl. Smh.

Overall I'm rather pleased with the dye, and I'll keep you posted on how  it fades and whatnot. I'm glad that I found a way to maintain my color, and save some coins

Stylishly Yours,

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