Red She Said II: Dyeing My Extensions

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Jazzing Hair Color in Ruby Red. Excuse my jacked up nails
As you saw in my last post, I dyed my hair red using a cellophane rinse at the salon. I wanted to dye my Indique Fishnet to match, so I picked up some dye from Sally's Beauty Supply. While I'm not sure what brand or dye that my stylist used, I remembered seeing like a Ronald McDonald color red on her gloves after she dyed my that's the color I went searching for at Sally's haha. My momma used Jazzing hair color by Clairol back in the day, so I decided to use that since I was semi familiar with it. To use the Jazzing hair color and get a semi permanent effect, I coated my fishnet with an entire bottle of Jazzing hair color in "Ruby Red" (Normally $6.49 not including the Sally Beauty Club Discount, but it is on sale online right now for $3.99) and applied heat for 30 minutes (after placing my fishnet with the dye still on it in a plastic bag), rinsed it, applied a little conditioner, rinsed that out, and let my fishnet set out to dry for 2 days (which is how long I normally let it dry). I must say that the color was spot on! It matched my own hair perfectly, so my fishnet was able to blend really well with my own hair. I also noticed that after using the hair rinse, my fishnet was super smooth and I didnt get any of the tangles that I often got when washing it out (so I probably should have been using the rinse all along, it also comes in clear if anybody is interested).  I forgot to buy gloves, so clean up after dyeingthe hair was a little messy..but a little shampoo mixed with baking soda cleaned everything up (I also use this mix to wash my fishnet when it needs to be clarified. I read that tip online somewhere, and it works everytime). 

Jazzing hair color can give you some temporary color as well, and the directions for that are included on the packaging. You  can use this hair rinse after a relaxer, and it's supposed to also enhance your hair, brighten it, condition it, and give it some shine (I definitely think it does, because I noticed a difference in my fishnet right away). There is no ammonia, or peroxide in Jazzing hair color. Once the color starts to fade from my fishnet, I'll definately dye it again..and this will probably be how I color my extensions in the future (after lightening them, as these colors show up better on pre-lightened hair). I read somewhere that you should pick a dye thats a couple shades lighter than what your going for in order to get the correct color, but double check before you  do so as I'm not a stylist haha. I'm only sharing what I tried that worked for me, and there are so many different pretty Jazzing hair colors to choose from I can see myself having some fun with my extensions over time. Anyhoo, enough talk. Here are some pictures of my fishnet after I dyed it...

Air Dried Fishnet After Dyeing It 

Fishnet after drying, and being flat ironed

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