Red She Said: I dyed my hair!

Ciao Bella's,
I've been wanting to change up my look for a little while now, so I started rocking a different hairstyle that I think qualifies as a low manipulation style (a braid on one side, roller set curls on the other. Pictures are below). I still wanted a little something more, so when I went to the salon yesterday I asked my stylist to give me a red cellophane rinse. I had one a very long time ago, but the results this time were wayyy better. I don't know if she's using a new formula now or something, but there was no dye around my edges so I didnt look all weird. Most importantly, I'm in LOVE with this color and it's here to stay.

For those of you that aren't familiar with cellophane rinses, from what I understand it's a rinse that you can use to dye your hair bright and vibrant colors (like red for instance) without using bleach or damaging chemicals, and it's not permanent so it will rinse out over time. It's safe for relaxed hair like mine (which is also bleached because I have like copper and gold highlights, well before the cellophane anyways. When she dyed over my highlights with the cellophane it just turned them a lighter red color, and I think it's really pretty), and my stylist told me that since there aren't any damaging chemicals or anything in it I could dye my hair with the cellophane the same day I had it relaxed if I wanted to. Of course I had oodles of other questions (I wasn't on a healthy hair care journey last time I dyed it with the cellophane), and she told me that while I could use a shampoo for color treated hair it probably wont make a big difference because the color will wash out over time (and I intend on having her dye it again when it does). She also told me that I need to keep up with my protein treatments haha.

So what say y'all Bella's? Anybody changing their hair color up for the summer and beyond? Sometimes you just need a change, and cellophane dye was the way to go for me.

Stylishly Yours,

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