EcoStyler Moroccan Argan Oil Styling Gel Review

 Ciao Bellas,

I’m about 3 months post relaxer (I used to wait this long to relax my hair, then my stylist started doing it about every 2 months) and I'm trying to find ways to deal with my new growth. I wasn’t intending on waiting this long, but my stylist went on vacation around the time I was due for a relaxer so I had to get creative haha. I started out with twistouts, but then things started getting thick in the root area…so the best way for me to deal was to bun it up. I was trying to find a good gel to keep everything slicked back and under control, and I came across a video by ULoveMegz (one of my fave hair care gurus) on YouTube, and she was talking about how she used the Argan Oil Gel by EcoStyler to slick her hair back.

Now I’ve heard a lot about EcoStyler gel (mainly from browsing around on hair care forums or blogs) but I’d never really looked into it or tried it myself. I decided to give it a go so I picked some up from my local Sally’s Beauty Supply for about $4.69. Bella’s, let me tell you this stuff is THE BUISNESS. It slicked my hair down with no problem, and keeps it under control all day. For the most part I can slick it up and be good for a couple of days, I just use a little bit when needed to control any little pieces that try and stick up.

The EcoStyler Moroccan Argan Oil gel I purchased has a degree of hold scale on the label, and it says that this is a 10 (maximum hold). The tub is pretty huge (32floz) for $4.69, and a little goes a long way so this tub will definitely last me for a very, very, long time.  It’s alcohol free, anti itch, doesn’t flake, contains UV protection, and is made with 100% pure argan oil. The label on the tub says that you can apply it to wet or dry hair as well. When I slick my hair back for a bun I use the gel on dry hair, I have tried it on wet hair for a twist-out as well and while it didn’t dry my hair out persay it was obviously dryer than when I do my twistouts with just conditioner (the twist-out held though, which was the point). Even when I use this for my buns my hair isn’t dried out all, and I make sure to moisturize and seal my hair like I would normally (before I slick my hair back, and at night before I wrap my hair).

I need to wash my hair but I took it out of the bun it’d been in for a few days to redo it and make a quick tutorial for you guys:

I use: Bobby Pins, that mesh Doughnut Bun I purchased from Claire’s and used in my last bun tutorial, a Boar Bristle Brush, Palmer’s Olive Oil Spray, EcoStyler Morcoccan Argan Oil Gel, Organic Root Stimulator Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion (my one and only hair moisturizer), and then I pull my hair into a ponytail with either a Goody Ouchless Hair Tie, Goody Ouchless Headband (which I would start by wrapping around my hand twice, like the picture in the first block below), or I would make a hair tie out of pantyhose like I’m using for this bun (below picture, 2nd block. You make it by just cutting a little bit off the bottom off the leg of a pair of pantyhose).

First I put a little bit of gel on my edges and hair so that I can slick it back. Next I brush it all back and pull it into a ponytail. I elected to do sort of a side ponytail because I’ve been rocking it in the same spot for a little while. After that I slip my doughnut bun (I spray the doughnut bun with the oil first though) over my ponytail, and wrap my hair around it securing it with bobby pins.

As you can see my edges and new growth are pretty well controlled after this, but if I want to flatten them a bit more, or have some more time before I go out, I’ll just tie a scarf tightly around my head for a little while.

And if you were wondering, yes I do have two different colors of lipstick on. On my top lip I have a red lip pencil from Sally’s on, Ruby Kisses Cosmetics Lipstick in Red (which I purchased at a local beauty supply store), and their gloss in Hollywood. On my bottom lip is MAC’s Made to Love Lipliner, Candy Yum-Yum lipstick, and a random clear gloss with peach glitter from Sally’s.

Hope this helped! To my relaxed Bella’s, what do y’all do to get through a relaxer stretch? 

Stylishly Yours,

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