Indique Review Take 2: Natural Straight Fishnet

Ciao Bellas,
I'm back with my review of Indique's Studio Collection Fishnet in the Natural Straight texture (retail $238).

Backstory: As I said in my last post, I had SO many problems with my 1st fishnet from them in the relaxed straight texture it wasn't even funny. It was ok when I left it straight, but when I curled it (as you're supposed to be able to do according to Indique) I had a hot, frizzy, tangled, and locked mess on my head which is neither fly fierce or fabulous.

When I just clipped my Indique Natural Straight Fishnet in
Review of the hair & Fishnet: In terms of how the fishnet is constructed it's the same deal...about like 9 wefts linked together that you can clip in and it's equivalent to having a partial sew in. This texture (natural straight, which is the pure straight hair that they sell as wefted hair) works so much better for me. It's soft, silky, and has a slight wave to it. It blends with my relaxed hair rather well, and while I don't have any issues curling it (which I found works best if I let it air dry a bit, braid a few sections, and curl it with my conair spongy curlers that I covered with satin fabric) it doesn't really hold the curl for very long. I asked one of the girls at Indique about this, and she said she deals with that too with her hair so she uses a light hold product and washes her hair right after.
After I curled my hair as I explained above, this is with my fishnet clipped in
Right after my friend sewed in my Fishnet
I'm satisfied overall though, and I had my friend sew my fishnet in for me towards the top of my head. I feel like it doesn't look as full as it did when I just clipped it in, but thats obviously because some of my hair is put away as it's a sew in. I haven't had any problems since I had it sewn it, and I just wrap it as I would normally wrap my hair.

I also checked out a curling wand from Amika (the one with 4 different barrels) yesterday at Sephora, and they were giving complementary demonstrations so one of the girls curled my ponytail (pictured below). The curls are supposed to last for days, and I put rollers in last night so I'll let you know how that went.
My ponytail after the girl at Sephora curled it with the Amika curling wand (this was after my fishnet was sewn in)

How I care for it: My relaxed fishnet was more expensive than the natural straight fishnet (the relaxed one was longer at 22" and the natural straight is 20", though it should be noted that Indique gives you an additional 2 inches with all their hair so that you have a little leeway when you cut it for styling purposes. So in actuality the relaxed fishnet was 24" and my straight one is 22"), and as Indique doesn't issue refunds I used the difference left over to get all the items from their hair care essentials line. I probably wouldn't have purchased them otherwise, as I already had a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner in my hair care arsenal but it's cool. I got their moisturizing shampoo ($18), conditioner($18), and french argan oil ($22) on sale and they smell really good and work well on the hair. I've only used them on my extensions (I most likely wont be using them on my own hair) but they've done a good job of cleaning the hair without stripping it leaving the hair soft and clean. I usually just take the hair out, comb it out, shampoo it, wash it out, put conditioner in it (let it sit for like 15 mins), rinse it out, gently squeeze out some of the water and then put in a dime size amount of the french argan oil (as I was instructed by the girl at Indique, too much styling product weighs this hair down fast), and let it air dry. I might run the flat iron over it after it's dry, but I dont put anything else in it before I do because I don't want to weigh the hair down.

Moisturizing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, French Argan Oil, and one of my Conair rollers that I covered with satin fabric.

Would I purchase anything else from Indique? I'd probably buy another fishnet or something in the future, and I really like the french argan oil for my extensions because it doesn't weigh them down. For my next sew in, I'm eyeing the malaysian wavy hair from Magic Hair Company. I'll keep y'all posted!

Questions that I didn't address in my review? Leave a comment and I'll answer as best as I can!

Miss Fab


  1. This was extremely helpful you fly, fierce and fabulous chic you! I'm interesting in getting a fishnet because I'm tired of traditional sew-in's (I'm needing to better care for the hair underneath). So it looks like this is going to be a suitable solution for helping me maintain the look I love, while keeping access to my own hair. Thanks again.

    1. Yay! I'm glad this helped =) It's a super convenient alternative to sew ins, and I really do like the system. My only suggestion would be to perhaps get the wavy or even curly texture if you know that you intend on curling the hair. My straight one is fine when it's straight, but it acts up and tangles when I try to curl it. - Seyi

  2. Hi Your post was so helpful do you know if a (non lumpy) high ponytail is possible with the fishnet without it being sewn in?

    Again thank for the blog it is the most details I have found for the fishnet indique hair.

    1. Hey Jessica! Thanks for visiting my blog =) . The ponytail in the picture was about as high as a ponytail that I can do with the fishnet in regardless of whether it's sewn in or clipped in. As long as I brush everything smoothly, and clip it in properly (like spread the clips far enough around my head) it doesn't look lumpy. Hope that helps! - Seyi

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    1. Hey Taya, thanks for visiting my blog! I've found that you can't really install the fishnet any higher up because it won't lay smoothly and be blendable. If the fishnet isn't spread out temple to temple, it'll look lumpy. Hope that helps!

  4. This was really helpful :D I ordered my fishnet wavy yesterday, and I'm pretty excited about it