Victoria's Secret Sale & The 7 Way Bio Fit Bra

Ciao Bellas,
I hit up the Victoria's Secret sale the other day, and scored the Bio Fit 7 way bra on sale for $29.99. I mainly needed to wear it as a strapless, but when I tried to wear it any other way I couldn't figure out how to make it work. There are 2 obvious hook areas on the inside of the front of the bra, but I could never find the ones for the back. Until it hit me a few minutes ago LOL. I was looking at the Bio Fit 7 Way bras online, and could see that there is indeed something that the back of the straps are supposed to hook into (you get a pair of straps that match the bra, and pair of clear straps). So I looked at the back of the bra that I bought, and realized that there are little slits on the sides and back (kind of in-between the lining) for the straps to hook into. So, hopefully this helps somebody else out there that may have been confoozled by the 7 way bra.

Stylishly Yours,
Ms. Fab


  1. I actually have two of the BioFit 7 Way Bra. I am having problems with the straps hooking at the back. I've adjusted the straps but the just keep on coming loose. I was shopping in the supermarket a few weeks ago, did not notice that the strap came loose and was hanging through my sleeve. Also, the straps are not adjusting tight enough to stay on my shoulders. How do I fix that. I am totally in love with the bra, but I am having some major problems.

  2. @Anonymous: Yeah the BioFit 7 is an amazing bra, it just takes a little finagling to get the most out of it lol. I'm thinking that once you put it on you should be able to to tighten up the straps by sliding the rectangular clip on the strap upwards, the same way you'd adjust any other bra strap.

    As far as keeping the straps in their proper loops / hooks, the only advice I really have would be to make sure that you slide the hook parts of the strap all the way into the desired hooks on the bra before you put it on, and give the straps a little tug to be sure that it'll stay situated. That's pretty much what I do, and I haven't had any problems strap wise...

    Hope I helped & thanks for checking out my blog! =)