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Hey Beautiful!

My name is Theresa "Resa" Seyi (All my friends call me Resa), I'm 25, blessed and bougie. I Luh God, and I create looks.

I started this blog in my mid-teens, as an outlet to express myself and personal style. At that time I was kinda scared to put myself out there, but as I've grown older I've gotten more comfortable (which is why when I first started, I used a pen name and didn't post a lot of pics. I watched CSI, the crazies were not gonna come knocking on my door LOL). Originally my blog was entitled "That Girl is Fly, Fierce, and Fabulous" and over the years it has grown up with me and simply become "Fly Fierce Fab."

If I had to describe my style and taste in three words, I would say: Fly, Fierce, Fab. It's fashion forward, feminine and glamorous, with an urban twist. I absolutely love anything that sparkles and shines, as you can see in many of my OOTD posts. I also love well tailored pieces, high heels, and form fitting dresses.

When it comes to hair and makeup, I'm pretty bold. I love trying out different makeup looks, and I'm always experimenting with my hair (struggling with anemia lead me to start experimenting with wigs. Now my hair is back on track, AND I know how to lay a wig so the outcome was a win-win). Growing up I performed in a lot of dance recitals, was a pageant queen, and did some modeling...so I've always really been into experimenting with fashion and beauty.

I'm a college student, I work part time, and in my spare time I love working on my blog and YouTube channel. Hopefully you enjoy my posts, and stay connected with me via my social media. 

If you're a brand that would like to work with me, feel free to contact me via email.

- Resa Seyi 

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