Seven Days of Style: Day Three

Tip Three is: Stay Inspired!

Figure out who and what exactly inspires you, and maybe put together a Tumblr or Pinterest board where you can collect all the images. I also suggest perusing Instagram for style inspo (#OOTD is always a good place to start). 

There are so many fierce fashion bloggers on there, and poppin street style posts that you're sure to find something to spark your interest. You can even check out lookbooks from YouTube to get ideas. 

Here are 4 of my fave fashionable Instagrammers:

1) @Shirleybeniag 
A photo posted by Shirley B. Eniang (@shirleybeniang) on

2) @TheDaileigh
A photo posted by A S H L E I G H ✨ (@thedaileigh) on

3) @VictoriousLogan (who is also one of my fave YouTubers)
A photo posted by V I C K Y L O G A N (@victoriouslogan) on

4) @RavenElyse
A photo posted by R A V E N E L Y S E (@ravenelyse) on

I work in retail, so I'm constantly getting inspired by the things I see at work (and some of the people that I work with). Since I'm constantly being exposed to the new and the next, it keeps me inspired. You can even just get out there and window shop, you just gotta figure out what kinds of things you're attracted to (style, fit, color, texture, pattern, etc). 

Whenever I see something that inspires me, I pin it to my fashion inspiration board on Pinterest or add it to my tumblr (which is also where I save the things that inspired me). Before that, I would rip pages out of magazines (of pictures of outfits or clothing that I liked) and keep them in a big binder. It didn't take long for that binder to start overflowing, so thank God for Pinterest and Tumblr lol.

Stay tuned for tip four tomorrow!

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