Seven Days of Style: Day One

One of the most important things to remember when you're shopping, is that you want to purchase the best quality items that you can afford.  

As a college student that works multiple jobs (because tuition ain't cheap or free), I have to be wise about what I choose to spend my money on. I try to buy the best quality items that I can afford, this way I don't break the bank or spend unnecessary coinage. I'll spend more money on investment pieces (coats, handbags, shoes, etc) because I know that I'll have them for awhile. However on things like basic T's, I don't really spend more than like $5-$7 each (you can find them at places like Rainbow, H&M, etc) 

I've never been one to worry about keeping up with the Joneses, cuz the Joneses ain't gonna pay my bills or tuition LOL. It's really important to assess what items will be staples in your wardrobe (ex: jeans, basic T's, a little black dress), and figure out how much of your budget you can afford spend on each thing. 

Developing your personal style, doesn't have to mean that you're breaking the bank. It's all about finding things that you feel and look amazing in, that work for you and your budget. 

Stay tuned for tip two in tomorrow's Seven Days of Style post. 

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