Seven Days of Style: Day Four

Tip four is: Know what flatters your shape and body type. 

This is seriously one of the most important tips...

.I probably should have made it number one, but saving coins is uber important too so.... LOL. It's really important to have a good understanding of what your body type is, and what kinds of garments flatter it.

 Everything isn't made with every body (you see what I did there?) in mind, so it's a good idea to understand your body type so you know what will look most flattering. It's also a good idea to know your measurements, this way if you order stuff online you know which size to get or if the garment will work for you. 

Once I understood exactly what my body type was, I felt like I was better able to pick out clothes that flattered my shape. Yearssssss ago I picked up this book called "The Science of Sexy" by Bradley Bayou, and it seriously put me up on game. Basically you start by taking your measurements, and then you go to the section of the book that addresses your specific body type (where it breaks down the most and least flattering items for your body type).

Of course there's always room to play around with different pieces (nothing is set in stone), but it's always a good idea to get some guidelines. For instance, I'm tall (about 5'9") and I have an hourglass shape. I prefer to wear fitted and more tailored pieces, because I feel like baggy and boxy clothes don't really flatter me (they tend to make me look heavy, because they don't define my shape at all). While I like my legs, it's hard to find dresses that are short enough to show them off, without being so short that they're borderline inappropriate (but when I find them, I SNATCH THEM UP). Whenever I'm shopping, I try to keep an eye out for one of my fave items: a bodycon midi dress. I love them because they're fitted and accentuate my shape, and long enough to be appropriate in most situations. 

The more that you learn about what flatters your body, you'll come up with your own go-to items to stock up on. Happy shopping!

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