Seven Days of Style: Day 6

S I X:

Versatility is key. 

When I'm shopping, I try to make sure that I'm buying really versatile pieces. If it's good quality, I can afford it, dress it up, down, and all around the town, then it's a good buy in my book. One good example would be this khaki coat that I got from H&M, which you've probably seen in  few of my lookbooks.

 It met a bunch of the criteria that I mentioned. I've been able to dress it up for church, or to go out.
I can also dress it down, to hang with my girls or to go to work. Shoot, it's so versatile that I did a whole post on how to wear it 3 Different Ways and have come up with more since then. 

It's totally fine to splurge on special pieces from time to time, but it's also important to make sure that you have a variety of versatile pieces in your wardrobe (if not you'll have tons of "pieces" but not a lot of things that can work together). 

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