Oh How I Love Shea Butter

Ciao Bellas,
After reading about the many benefits of using Shea Butter in for hair, I decided that I wanted to give it a try. A few weeks ago while browsing in my local beauty supply shop, I discovered that they had a nice little section of natural and organic products including Shea Butters. I purchased 8 oz of 100% Organic Pure Africa Shea Butter (Unrefined, so it has all it's natural goodies including Vitamin A  which is why unrefined Shea Butter is yellow) by Difeel Organic for $6.99, and after using it for 3 weeks I dare say it's a new staple in my hair care regimen.

Some of the benefits of using Shea Butter (Organic and Unrefined) in your hair are:

  • It can help soothe your scalp without clogging your pores
  • It's a great sealant to use after moisturizing your hair (this is my fave use for it, my hair always feels super soft after)
  • It helps to soften your hair
  • Offers a little bit of SPF, to help protect your hair from the suns UV rays
  • It can be used as a heat protectant (I tried this, but I think it was a bit too heavy for my relaxed hair. Maybe I used too much? I can be a little heavy handed with product sometimes)

Shea Butter is also great for skin, and can help get rid of stretch marks and stuff like that (which means I need to stock up).

There are many ways to use Shea Butter, but what I've found to work best for me is using it in my hair after I moisturize it, and apply my Jamaican Black Castor Oil w/ Lavender (Full wigs are my current protective style of choice, so weighing my hair down is not a concern at the moment). I also use Shea Butter when I'm braiding down my hair, and I especially focus it on my ends to seal them. I don't use Shea Butter as a moisturizer, because the first key ingredient in any moisturizer is WATER...so it works best for me as a sealant to seal in moisture. There are plenty of videos on YouTube on how to whip Shea Butter with oils and things that you can use in your hair...so it's pretty versatile. Some people seem put off by Shea Butter because it looks thick and heavy, but it's not that hard to work with. I just put a little in my hand, rub my hands together to melt it, and then apply it to my hair. I tried using it with my JBCO (Jamaican Black Castor Oil) in my hot oil treatment, but I found that it made my hair feel too coated and greasy after...so again, using it as a sealant is best. 

Anybody out there use Shea Butter in their hair? What's you fave way to use it? Let me know in the comments below! 

 Stylishly Yours,

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