Vanity Sizing

Ciao Bellas,
Ever wonder how you can be a size 4, 6, 8, and 10 all at the same time in different stores? It seems like a rather broad range, but thanks to vanity sizing it's something that can happen pretty often. Bethenny broke it down pretty well on her talk show recently, and here's a clip that she posted on YouTube.

It seems kinda crazy, but that's why it's important to focus on being healthy instead of focusing on being a certain size. My goal has never been to get skinny, but to be healthy (and get some abs. And build a better booty LOL). Everybody and every body is beautiful y'all, and while your fave jeans or dress can kinda help you gauge if you're starting to fluctuate a lil bit...don't trip over the size inside the label. Nobody else is gonna size the size, all they'll see is you looking fly, fierce, and fabulous.

 Stylishly Yours,

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