Just Knock It Off: Isabel Marant Wedge Sneakers

Ciao Bellas,
One of the hottest footwear trends as of late are Isabel Marant's wedge sneakers ala Beyonce in Love On Top. Personally I'm not a sneaker girl by any stretch (save a couple of pairs of Coach sneakers, and one pair of zebra sequin high tops), but I've gotten in on the wedge sneaker trend. It's all in finding the right colors, shape, and style that suit your personal style. I prefer more relaxed looking high top sneakers, in bolder different colors, that aren't all tight up around my ankle. I've looked around at plenty of stores offerings (there are tons of wedge sneakers available at Love Culture, Forever 21, Marshall's, ShoeDazzle, etc), and I found a winner at Charlotte Russe.

Dubbed the "Velcro Strap Wedge Sneaker" (Retail $38.50), these wedge sneakers fit the bill for me. They have a 3" wedge heel, are comfortable, relaxed, a super fun tomato red color, and I especially liked that the sneaker and the sole are different colors. I purchased a black pair from Marshall's, but wound up returning them because the sneaker and sole were the same color. That's just not a look I like when it comes to sneakers. Anyhoo, as Isabel Marant wedge sneakers retail for upwards of $600, this was most certainly a look that I knocked off in the interest of balling on a budget haha. Charlotte Russe has a couple of different styles of wedge sneakers in similar styles, and the ones that I have come in a few different colors as well (gray, metallics, shades of brown, etc).

Celebs like Evelyn Lozada and Hilary Duff have been spotted rocking their red Isabel Marant sneakers, and they're looking quite fly fierce and fabulous as well.

When I first considered purchasing a pair of wedge sneakers, I was kind of unsure as to how to wear them. The key seems to be keeping it super casual, cute, and simple. Leggings or jeans with a hoodie or basic tee and jacket are the way to go here Bella's. The overall look should be unfussy and relaxed while maintaining your high level of fabulosity. Also the brighter and bolder your wedge sneakers, the simpler your outfit should be. I'll probably post a couple of looks soon featuring my wedge sneakers, but in the mean time what say y'all Bella's? What are the craziest wedge sneakers that you've seen?

Stylishly Yours,

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