Victoria's Secret Angel Series: Makeup Tutorial I "Angel"

Ciao Bellas,
As promised here's my first makeup tutorial in the Victoria's Secret Angel Series. This is also my very first makeup tutorial everrrr, and I definitely learned a lot about lighting in the process of making this haha. I haven't seen a ton of Victoria's Secret Angel Makeup Tutorials for Women of I'm happy to contribute. For reference I'm an NC50 in MAC speak. If you have any tips or suggestions for my future makeup tutorials, leave a comment below. 

Here's the finished look

And here's how to get it!

What I Used:

Brushes Top to Bottom: A sort of stippling-esque brush I had from a random Bare Escentuals Face kit (it's holding me down until I get the MAC 187 brush), MAC 168 Brush, Angle Eyeliner brush from CVS, MAC 266 Brush, MAC 217 Brush, MAC 212 Brush, MAC 239 Brush, and an all over eye shadow Brush from Sephora (OLD).

Gloss: Ruby Kisses Cosmetics Crystal Gloss in Gold Rush (It's essentially a creamy clear color with gold shimmer), MAC lipstick in Velvet Teddy (My fave nude lipstick!), and MAC lip liner in Chestnut (which is super tiny because I use it allllll the time haha)

Top half of picture:
L-R: (All MAC unless otherwise stated) : Indianwood paintpot, Blacktrack Fluidline is pictured next ( I decided not to use it because there wasn't any sort of liner definition in the picture I was going off of, but you could if you wanted to), Soba eyeshadow, Woodwinked eye shadow, then from my palette I used Saddle and Mystery eye shadows. Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara in Blackest Black, Ardell Wispies False Lashes, Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Clear, Ardell Pro Lash Applicator, and the spool brush tip of a Maybelline eye brow pencil (I loved using the pencil on my brows, but I go through it soooo quickly *pouts*). I also used my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette, which isn't pictured here but you'll see it later on. 

Bottom Half of Picture: L-R: Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 in Dark Plus, By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfinish (Limited Edition from an older collection), Select Cover Up Concealer in NC45, Lustre Drops in Sun Rush (mine has a white top because I purchased it when it first came out with the Style Warriors collection), Pressed Blot Powder in Deep Dark, and finally NARS Blush in Torrid

Let's get it started Bella's

I Started with a clean and moisturized face, and applied a little bit of Indianwood paint pot to my entire eye lid. Not a ton because then my eye shadows will crease like crazy. I learned in a MAC Class (it was open to the general public, I'm not a MAC artist or makeup artist) that paint pots have a 9 hour time claim.

Next I used Mystery eye shadow to fill in my brows (starting at the ends and working my way in so that the beginning of my brows don't look heavy), I brushed them into place with the Maybelline brush spool (I'm gonna get a real brush for this soon I promise haha), and grabbed my Select Cover Up Concealer and 212 brush.

I put a little of the Select Cover Up Concealer on the back of my hand, picked some up on my 212 brush and sort of lined around my entire eye brow on each side proceeding to blend it in. It shouldn't be super detectable after, your brows should just look cleaner and better defined. 

Time for the fun stuff! Using my 232 Brush, I put Woodwinked eye shadow all over my lower lids and in the inner corners of my eyes.

Next I used my 217 Brush to blend Saddle eye shadow (which for me is a crease color alllllllmost the color of my skin) into my crease, and grabbed my Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette (Got it for Christmas! Loveees it!) and picked up some of "Foxy" eyeshadow (I think this may be my perfect natural matte brow bone highlight color) with my all over eye shadow brush. 

I used Foxy eyeshadow in my brow bone area, being sure to blend it well (chalky un-blended highlights are not the movement Bella's!). Next I used my trusty 266 angle eyeliner brush to line my lower lid's with Woodwinked eye shadow. You know how some people line their lower lid inside the rim of their eye with white or fleshtone liner? I don't do that. Woodwinked eye shadow on my lower outer lid usually does the trick in making my eyes look really bright and open.

Now it's time to get my lashes going!

I always had the hardest time putting on false lashes, so my friend would do it for me. Obviously I can't keep her in my back pocket for the sole purpose of doing my lashes when I wanted them done, so I had to find a way to do it myself. Enter the Ardell Pro Lash Applicator. With this bad boy I get my lashes on and in place 98% of the time haha.

 First I put the lash inside the applicator (as pictured), put the lash adhesive on the lashes and blow on them for a few seconds so that the glue gets tacky, and then place the lashes on my eyes. My eye lashes are super duper curly, so the applicator helps me get the lashes over my lashes and closer to my lash line. I kind of messed up on one, but it wasn't super noticeable so I rocked with it.

Time to beat the rest of my face! Studio Tint Moisturizer is my trusty "foundation." As the name implies, it's a tinted moisturizer and it gives me just enough coverage to blend everything without my face feeling caked up or heavy. I don't really need a lot of coverage, so I love this. Also when I sweat (like in the summer time), it doesn't have me looking like I'm melting. Anyhoo, I apply this all over my face (THIS is where I should have mixed my Lustre Drops with my Tinted Moisturizer before I applied it, but I forgot. You should do that here if you elect to use the Lustre Drops) and then use Select Cover Up Concealer under my eyes. 

I then realized that I needed to do something to blend the line on my lashes a little better, so I used a bit of Crave eye shadow *just* on the lash band. I didn't line my eye, because once again the picture that inspired this look didn't feature a lined or defined eye. After I fixed my lash situation, I grabbed my 168 brush and Torrid Blush

Torrid is one of my faveorite natural pinky / coral blushes, and I used it on the apples of my cheeks. I then realized that I forgot to use my Lustre Drops (I normally would have mixed it with my tinted moisturizer, but I forgot to do that) so I threw it on and reached for the Pressed Blot Powder.

After applying Pressed Blot Powder to my T-Zone, I used the stippling-esque brush and applied By Candlelight Mineralize Skinfish in a V shape to the temple area of my face (as pictured in the last two pictures above, and the first one below), my nose, and chin.

Mascara time!

I used a little bit of Maybelline's Mega Plush Mascara on my lower lashes, and a tiny bit under my false lashes to help them blend more. 

Now for the lips! After lining my lips with Chestnut lip liner and blending it a little, I used Velvet Teddy Lipstick (my perfect nude lipstick. The only other one I loved this much was Brave New Bronze which was limited edition from MAC with Style Warriors. That was my collection y'all). Blended that a bit, and then threw my gloss on.

Last step for the makeup was to once again grab Woodwinked eye shadow, put a little on my finger and place it on my cupids bow (that little v-ish area at the top of your upper lip). 

Makeup? Ta-Done! But in order to have a complete look, I had to do a little something with my hair. I put in my Indique Natural Straight Fishnet (once I learned how to work with it, we became best friends) and decided to just pull up the middle of my hair. 

I used a little bit of Creme of Nature's Argan Oil Perfect Edges on my edges, and I was done.

Final Look:

I think that next time I'll use my digital camera, I shot this all with my iPhone (4s) because that made it easier for me to edit and make those cute little picture blocks for y'all haha.


What do you think Bella's? You like? Questions? Suggestions? Leave me a comment below!

Stylishly Yours,

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