Victoria's Secret Angel Series: Get That Skin Glowing

Ciao Bellas,
One of the first things that you notice when you look at the Victoria's Secret Angels is that their skin glowwwws. It's no big secret that the models wear layers of body makeup when they strut down the runway, but they obviously have to give the makeup artists and people something to work with right? They gotta prep their foundation, and so do we. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves health and beauty wise is take care of our skin, as it's our largest organ (I'm also a Bio major. Beauty and brains. Holla!). If we take care of it, it'll take care of us. This means doing a few very important things for ourselves like:

  • Staying hydrated (get those 8 glasses of water in a day Bella's)
  • Keeping our skin moisturized (face and body)
  • Finding the right skincare products for your skin type
  • Sticking to a solid skincare regimen that works for your skin type, usually the simpler the better
  • Absolutely never EVER sleeping in your makeup (invest in makeup wipes)
  • Not neglecting the skin on our neck (moisturize! sunscreen!)
  • No pimple popping! (but if you must, The Beauty Department breaks down how to do it properly)
  • Sunscreen! (I always use tinted moisturizer with SPF in it. Using sunscreen on your body before sun exposure is very important as well Bella's)

I'm a dancer, model, and an actress so makeup has always been a part of my life. Whether I have my everyday makeup on, a little more for a photo shoot, or I'm caked up in stage makeup for a show, I know that I need to take really good care of my skin underneath. Makeup is supposed to enhance our natural beauty, if your skin is a hot mess underneath...the makeup isn't going to look as good. When I was going through puberty my skin was rather good to me, but when I did have breakouts I tried every product under the sun that I could find in WalMart and Target to try and make them go away. Eventually I found what works for my skin (I have an oily T zone...other than that I'm cool), and thats what I stick to. 


I wash my face with Neturogena face soap 

                                                                         Moisturize with Cetaphil moisturizer


      At Night:
I do the same thing at night, except I use a makeup wipe (Netrogena's are my favorite) first to take off my makeup. 


Sometimes I'll even use Bio-Oil on my face (it's not heavy at all) to help clear up any scars that might be appearing (from pimple popping. That's why you shouldn't do it! LOL)

                                                                                                  2x Weekly: 

I wash my face and then use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Face Scrub

I follow it up with their Mint Julep Face Mask and I let it dry for an hour before I wash it off 

To care for the rest of my skin I use a body scrub a few times a week, I make sure that I moisturize really well (the Vaseline Coca Butter Lotion is my lotion of choice).


I use my favorite body scrub from WalMart "Tree Hut Shea Sugar & Honey Almond Scrub."
 It smells really good and it's nice and thick.

                                     Should I find myself experiencing body breakouts, Neutrogena's Body Clear Body Wash always comes to my rescue. 


I also use Bio-Oil on the regular to continually work on fading my stretch marks (due to growth spurts and weight loss. No shame, we all got 'em!)

To get my skin GLOWWWING I have three different tricks. I'll either:


2) Use Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect Sunscreen (which I've talked about before, and always leaves my skin looking glowy and sexy)


3) Use a little bit of body oil on a washcloth in the shower (a tip I shared before)

There you have it Bella's, that's how I get my Victoria's Secret Angel head to toe skin glow on. This is pretty much what works for me and my skin, feel free to check this stuff out but keep in mind what works best for you and your skin type. I also made a Pinterest Board for this series that you can check out here =) 

Up next in the Victoria's Secret Angel Series: The Makeup Looks

Stylishly Yours,

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