The Victoria's Secret Angel Series: Work It Out

Ciao Bellas,
Every year when I see the Victoria's Secret fashion show, I can't help but notice that all of the models are in amazing shape. Ranging from skinnier shapes, to slightly curvier models, they're all beautiful (and so are we!). They also inspire me to wanna be a bit more dedicated to my workouts haha. Being super skinny has never been my goal, I'm in decent shape (I'm a dancer) but the VS Angels motivate me to want to be a little more toned. I recently tried some Victoria's Secret Model inspired workouts by Cassey over at blogilaties (my new favorite fitness guru! I love her videos, she also has printables of some of her workouts, and a monthly workout calender that you can download and print. Check her out!). I haven't really tried the ones that Victoria's Secret has on YouTube as a part of promoting their workout wear. They were kind of boring in my opinion, whereas Cassey's workouts are really fun and upbeat which keeps me entertained and engaged as I workout. I tried the Blogilaties Victoria's Secret Model AB workout and boyyyy did I feel the burn the next day! The stiletto workout was also really fun, just make sure to wear heels that you can comfortably maneuver around in.

  Videos in the Blogilaties Victorias Secret Workout Series 

Remember y'all it's not about being super skinny, dieting (I'm not a fan! I just try to eat healthy and balance that with eating what I love), or even trying to look exactly like a VS Angel. It's about being healthy (we need to exercise to stay heart healthy), being the best version of ourselves, and having fun along they way. Every body is beautiful!

Next up in the Victoria's Secret Angel Series? Glowing Skin. Stay Tuned!

Stylishly Yours,

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